Thursday, July 03, 2014

Delivery Time! Tribe Cards Giveaway: Round 4!

Over the past few days, I've been incredibly busy doing a lot of woodworking - the results of which I'm sure that I'll show on the blog before too long I'm sure.  However, because of my time in the shop I haven't had as much time to devote to the 'ol blog...and with it, not a lot of time to work on trades.  Luckily, I still have one more post for last year's haul from last year's Tribe Cards' great giveaway.  This is the fourth (and final) post detailing my spectacular haul!

There are sixteen cards - and six different players remaining in the trade package.  Some of the cards are definitely keepers for me while others will probably end up being trade bait.  Let's take a gander.

Joey Votto

I'll start off with the best of the rest - Mr. Joey Votto.  Unfortunately, Votto seems to have very little shot of ever returning to his 2010/11 greatness.  Instead, he's much more likely to be a high OPS guy with relatively low power (especially for a first baseman).  As a Reds' fan, it's tough to see Votto's decline but that happens to everyone (especially those who end up having multiple surgeries)!

Chris Speier

Why did I end up with a pair of late 80s Giants cards?  I don't have any good idea though I know I claimed Speier in the draft since he is a Reds' employee.

Tom Browning

Unlike Speier, the Browning late 80s cards (plus one from 1990) are much more welcome to my personal collection.  Isn't that 1988 Donruss card so beautiful* with all that red, orange, and black on it?  It's like Halloween in your hand.

*sarcasm alert!

Storm Davis
Because one 1989 Topps Storm Davis card clearly wasn't enough!

Unlike the rest of the guys in this post, I actually don't recall if I drafted Storm Davis or not...and if I did, I have no idea why.  The Davis 1988 Donruss card is even uglier than the Browning card above...that's something I guess.

Chris Hammond

Hammond takes the cake for ugliest card in this round though with that hideous 1995 Fleer card.  The thing looks like it was designed by a guy tripping on acid or something.  How was that ever approved and sold in packs?!

Mat Latos

Finally, we end with one of my new favorite Reds - Mat Latos.  Latos seems like he's a bit of a strange dude (but I mean that with respect) - and he's quickly becoming a new player collection target of mine!

Thanks for hosting the great giveaway David!


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