Finishing off Box #2 of 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's

It's hard to believe the end of the second hobby box of 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's is here already.  Even more disappointing to me, the end of the summer is rapidly approaching for me - I go back to work in about three weeks!

Let's not waste our Monday morning dwelling on negative thoughts though - let's rip packs and have fun instead.  I'm still looking for one more hit out of this box - maybe it's going to be a rip card?  *fingers crossed*

Pack 21:

Another Shilin Stone Forest Natural Wonder card made an appearance but I pulled that one already in the last box.  The Jarrod Parker A&G back mini is nice enough I guess to "save" the pack.  It's a bit interesting that through (almost) two full boxes I have yet find a hand-numbered or serially numbered card!

Pack 22:

I love the Frank Robinson (regular back) mini card a lot!  However, that wasn't the only treat in Pack 22...there was also my third hit:

Yeah, it's not a rip card...but it a card of one of the game's best young players.  Unfortunately, Posey hit the grand slam against the Reds that knocked Cincinnati out of the playoffs a couple of years ago and I've never quite forgiven him.

Pack 23:

A Billy Williams regular backed mini card was the best option here...not worth scanning in my opinion.

Pack 24:

The final pack of the box produced a Festivals and Fairs insert (of Carnivale which I got last box) and a mini Little Lions insert of the Cornish Rex cat (which I previously pulled in a retail pack).  It could have been a great pack to end on but unfortunately duplicates are lame (especially when I'm still missing the vast majority of both sets)!

I was also really hoping to pull a rip card this year after getting shut out the previous TWO years in my cases.  Why I should think that I'd get a rip this year with only four boxes when I didn't get one either of the previous two years when I bought full, unopened cases is beyond me...but hey, a guy can hope right?


  1. It's been rumored that Rip Cards have been popping up at about 2/case this year, so you still have a pretty good shot at pulling one in your last couple of boxes. I've watched a few case breaks of 2014 Allen & Ginter, and each time there were two Rip Cards or a Rip Card and something else significant like a booklet card. Of course, that doesn't mean your boxes came from the portion of the case with the Rip Card(s), but you have a pretty good chance.

    Also, once I get through my midterm this week and have a chance to scan some card pictures for my blog/Gint-a-Cuffs, I will have a bunch of stuff to send you toward your set. Probably a bunch of inserts and a good number of SPs.

  2. Ugh, yeah if I were a Reds fan, I'd definitely give that Posey relic away. (BTW, do you need my address?)


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