Friday, July 25, 2014

I Interrupt the 2014 Ginter Love Fest for Some REAL Ginter (1800s Edition)!

While I have a love for the modern incarnation of Allen & Ginter's (produced by Topps), I also have an adoration for the original Allen & Ginter's cards.  You know, the cards from the late 1800s.

Thanks to sites like eBay, you can actually own cards that are well over a century old for a relatively affordable price.  In my case, while I've dabbled in a bunch of different older Ginter sets, I decided to try and collect the 50 Fish from American Waters set that was released in 1889.  Although my process has been slow (many cards end well outside of what my modest budget allows), every now and then a fish slips through the cracks and I am able to net it!

(so many fish puns)

My latest catch (haha!) is this beauty:

That Butterfish.
Full checklist for 1889 Fish from American Waters set

The Butterfish is my 26th (of 50 total) fish cards from the set which means I've eclipsed the halfway mark on a set released in 1889!  If that isn't exciting, then I don't know what is!

Note:  You can view my full collection of old fish here.


Greg Zakwin said...

Great score! I adore original A&G. Also, just e-mailed you about a potential trade for some recent Ginter. Yahoo hates me sometimes, so check your spam if you don't see it.

RAZ said...

Some of those old A & G sets are pretty cool. I am rather partial to the ones featuring animals, such as this set you're working on and the Prize & Game Chickens set I am working on.

P-town Tom said...

Over half way there! Keep it up!

Commishbob said...

Is my math right? That's a 125 year old card!! Those are really cool. I hope you find a way to grab all 50.

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