Friday, August 15, 2014

Delivery Time! Breaking Down a Trade with Baseball Card Breakdown

This weekend marks the final weekend of my summer.  Beginning next weekend, I have to be on campus for Freshman Weekend (and on campus during the week leading up to Freshman Weekend for a variety of meetings).  As such, it's a sad time because once again, summer felt like it was way too short.

Luckily, it's not all doom and gloom today - after all, my mailbox has held some more goodies for me lately including a package from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown.  Gavin had a few 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's inserts for me - and you know I'm trying to get them all so I was excited to work out a trade.  Even better, Gavin is a Padres fan so now I have another unsuspecting person to drop San Diego Chickens (and other Padres) on!

Let's check out the cards Gavin sent my way (and while you do that, check out my want list to see if you have any other Ginter inserts I need - I'm working on all the mini sets AND all the regular sized sets)!!

We begin with the lone mini insert from Gavin - a great Into the Unknown card of Vasco da Gama.

Da Gama was the first to find a Maritime route to the east (sailing to India from Europe).  You had to be borderline nuts to be a navigator of the seas back in the day.  Can you imagine?  You had to be even more nuts considering most people thought the Earth was flat and that you could sail off into the abyss.

Moving on to the regular sized inserts, Gavin hooked me up with a World's Capitals card of London.

I had the good fortune of visiting London once.  The bad news is that English food really is a bad as people joke about it being.  The good news is other than the food I had a lot of fun in London.  The history is amazing as were the majority of the English people that I encountered.

While London might be basically man-made, there were a few Natural Wonders in this year's Ginter set (in the aptly named Natural Wonder insert set no less).  I am now the proud owner of two more such cards:  Travertine Pools and the Cave of Crystals.

The Travertine Pools are located in Pamukkale, Turkey.  After doing a bit of internet sleuthing, did I find the exact image that Topps used (albeit they cropped it ever-so-slightly)?!  I'm no expert but it sure looks like a match to me.

The Cave of Crystals is located in the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico.  Amazingly, the cavern wasn't even discovered until 2000!

Finally, to an insert set that was actually designed to amaze:  the Coincidence? set.  The one new card that Gavin sent my way was of the RMS Carmania and the SMS Cap Trafalgar.

I do believe in coincidences - and if you look at things long enough you can find coincidences everywhere.  That said, I don't think it's a huge coincidence that two passenger ships would each be secretly converted to war ships during World War I.  I guess the coincidence here is that the German cruise line ship was disguised to look like the British cruise liner RMS Carmania but it was the also-converted real British Carmania that ended up sinking the German vessel.

If nothing else, it's a kind of cool story (provided you weren't on the German ship of course)!

Thanks for the great cards Gavin!  And to anyone else, if you'd like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


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Glad the cards showed up safe. Thanks for the trade!

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