Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Delivery Time! The Sole Survivor

By now, you have probably realized that I love Topps' annual Allen & Ginter's release a lot.  This year's edition is no exception which means I'm feverishly trying to work out trades to track down all the various mini inserts (and regular sized inserts) in the set that I didn't happen to pull in my four hobby boxes (which, unfortunately, turned out to be a LOT)!

Besides trades, I'm also actively scouring Listia trying to turn some of my extra credits into 2014 Allen & Ginter's cards.  Although I haven't had a lot of luck in that regard, I did manage to nab this Coincidence card.

The card talks about the three ships that sank near Wales over a 200-year span where each ship had exactly one survivor...and all three survivors shared the name Hugh Williams.

If I ever go to Wales, I suppose I might go by the name of "Hugh" for the week.  Better safe than sorry, right?

PS:  If you have any 2014 Allen & Ginter's inserts available for trade (minis and regular sized inserts), my want list is now up-to-date with what I still need!


P-town Tom said...

That is one crazy coincidence... wow.

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