Monday, August 04, 2014

Gint-a-Cuffs: There's Yankee Stink in my Packs.

Through the box topper and the first two packs, I managed to avoid all signs of Yankee stink.  Will my good luck continue as I open the next pair of packs?

Pack 3:
36.  Yadier Molina
50.  Orlando Hernandez
51.  Oswaldo Arcia
117.  Yu Darvish
124.  Jonathan Schoop
248.  Mark Teixeira
Pastime's Pastimes:  Justin Verlander
World's Deadliest Predators:  7.  Black Mamba

Lots of stuff going on in this pack - including two Yankee stink cards (-1 each for Hernandez and Teixeira).  On the bright side, both Yu Darvish and Yadier Molina are on the favorite players list (even if I consider Molina Cardinals' stink).  They each net me 2 points.  Moving on to the inserts, the Verlander Pastime's Pastime is worth 3 more points as is the World's Deadliest Predator mini card of the Black Mamba.  Put it all together and this pack is worth (-1) + (-1) + 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 7 points.

I will say that the previous pack might be the pack with the most scoring cards (positive or negative) that I've ever pulled in Gint-a-Cuffs!  Six of the eight cards produced some sort of change to my score.

Pack total:  7 points
Running total:  37 points

Pack 4:
76.  Cal Ripken Jr.
89.  Chuck Todd
191. Jordan Burroughs
203.  Jered Weaver
299.  Enny Romero
346.  Ivan Nova
Natural Wonder:  12.  Sailing Stones of Racetrack Playa
Into the Unknown:  8.  Henry Hudson

Man, this was a rough pair of packs in terms of Yankees.  At this this time around the Nova is a short print so it's worth +1 point.  The Natural Wonders card is worth 2 points and my second consecutive mini insert tacks on another 3 points for me.

Pack total:  6 points
Running total:  43 points

43 points after 4 packs is a solid 10+ points per pack (PPP) average.  Unfortunately, that doesn't take into account the 20 point box topper that I pulled.  In reality, my four packs have netted me 23 points which is just over a 5 PPP average - and that simply won't get it done for this competition!


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