Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Gint-a-Cuffs: What's an Average Box? Let's do the Math!

The Gint-a-Cuffs competition is once again upon us - and with it comes a flurry of contest related posts on plenty of different blogs (including my blog)!  Since most of us only open a few packs at a time (which makes posting and score keeping easier if nothing else), you hear a lot about "average points per pack" or "box point projections" or the like (and again, I've done this already myself)!  All of that got me thinking though - what is an average box for Gint-a-Cuffs?  What type of point total should one be happy with?

Let's see if we can figure that out.

First, there are 24 packs in a hobby box and (on average) every pack has one 2 point card in it (one of the large sized inserts).  In addition, every other pack has a 2 point short print.

Large cards:  2 x 24 + 2 x 12 = 72 points

Next, the mini inserts are seeded 1:5 packs and each are worth 3 points.  We'll say on average you should expect 5 insert minis so that another 15 points.

Every box comes with a box topper - and while there are plenty of high scoring opportunities, the worst case box toppers range from 5 to 8 points.

Reg. minis aren't worth anything in Gint-a-Cuffs but the 1:13 short print minis are worth 3 points.  The average box should contain two such mini short prints for another 6 points.

A&G back minis are 1:5 and worth 2 points.  Again, average box would have 5 for another 10 points.

Black-bordered minis are 1:10 packs and worth 3 points a piece, so you'd expect two such cards in an average box for a total of 6 points.

So, before counting any hits an average box should net 114-117 points.  Now, the hits are trickier since there are so many, but the average box should have one Version A full relic (8 points), one Version B full relic (8 points), and one "other" hit meaning a framed relic, framed auto, rip card, etc.  Based on the points, the next "worst" hit is a framed auto worth 12 points for a total of 28 points in hits.

Therefore, taking everything together you should end up with 142 - 145 points with an average box.  Note that this total does not take into account favorite players, nor the Yankee penalty.  One might try to figure out a fair bonus for favorite players - maybe +20?  If so, that raises the average box score to the mid-160s.


The Junior Junkie said...

I might have to play one year

P-town Tom said...

I feel like last years scores were mostly in the 200s and the lowest one was above the 160s which you're projecting. I don't argue your math, but I feel like the boxes that I'm watching are scoring much lower this time around. Either that or my memory of last year is way off.

I looked it up... http://gintacuffs.blogspot.com/p/2013-leader-board.html
You guys need to get the scoring average up. Let's go!

Nachos Grande said...

I think the hits are worth less this year (there are a lot of non-baseball hits happening and those don't score the multipliers which are how you can really rack up high points in Gint-a-Cuffs). In a box with 3 hits, it seems oftentimes one hit is a non-baseball player so that's usually going to net someone only 8 points.

--David said...
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