Sunday, September 14, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 300: 2012 Topps Golden Moments: Relic - #GMR-BL

Barry Larkin
Year:  2012
Brand:  Topps
Insert set:  Golden Moments Relics
Card number:  GMR-BL

Today's card marks the 300th different Barry Larkin in my collection - and I'm proud to report that as of the writing of this post I still have a whole bunch more Larkin cards to scan and write about!  Seeing how 300 is a nice "hero" number of sorts, I figured it'd be good to show off one my Larkin relics for this particular post.

While I had some less-than-kind words for the non-relic version of this insert set, the relic version is fairly decent.  I would have preferred to see the Reds' team logo on the front somewhere (maybe burnt into the wood piece?) but otherwise I have no real complaints.  As for the back, it's the same as the regular version of the card with one addition of the stupid "this relic isn't from anything in particular and we can't even for sure guarantee that it is made out of wood" blurb that Topps puts on all their relics these days.

I don't own many Barry Larkin relics though so while this isn't the best ever design, I'm quite happy to have it in my own collection!


Dennis said...

Congrats on #300, fellow Larkin-collector!

Joe Frecker said...

Nice milestone card indeed. Keep them coming. You ought to be about halfway there?

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