Monday, September 01, 2014

Refractor Mania!

Today marks the beginning of the second week of the semester which means my final class rosters are all set (my school only allows students to drop/add during the first week).  Although the semester is incredibly young, I have to say that so far I've been quite impressed with the majority of my students - let's hope that continues as the fall semester progresses!

Speaking of being impressed, I'm also incredibly impressed with Adam from the Thoughts and Sox blog.  Adam recently sent me a package of cards that I believe provided me with the largest number of Cincinnati Reds refractor cards from any one single package.  Ever.

In fact, Adam sent 22 shiny, refractor Reds my way - from a variety of sets and years.  All of the shiny goodness was certainly appreciated by me!

Over the past few weeks (actually months), the Reds have played fairly awful baseball.  In fact, it's been brutal trying to watch much so that I think I've only sat through three or four games in total since May.  One of the worst offenders on this year's Reds' squad is Jay Bruce.  He's hitting awful and doesn't seem to be playing the same caliber defense as I'm accustomed to seeing him play in the outfield.  He's so bad lately, in fact, that he recently went 0-5 against the lowly Cubs with five strikeouts.  Even I could do that.

All that said, my favorite card of the package that Adam sent my way was the Jay Bruce purple refractor as seen above!  The pure joy in Bruce's face is great - and it certainly appears that the rest of the Reds team is also experiencing good times.  I wouldn't expect to see many 2015 Reds cards with the same joyous expressions evident.


Although the Reds season has been a waste, I still enjoy getting cards of my beloved Redlegs.  It's even better to track down sometimes difficult to find cards such as refractors and the like - so a big "thank you" goes out to Adam for the great trade package!
There's always next year.
And, as always, if you would like to trade with me be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


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