Monday, September 08, 2014

The 2014 Baseball Season Has Me Bummed (but New Custom Cards Cheer Me Up!)

The 2014 baseball season has been a complete waste for me.

beloved Cincinnati Reds have played piss poor baseball ever since the All-Star break.

My fantasy baseball league that I'm in with an entry fee went to hell in a handbasket thanks to me making two of the all-time worst keeper picks (Homer Bailey and Chris Davis) this year (in this league each keeper maintains his draft position from the previous year).

Finally, in my second (and only other) fantasy league I missed out on the second round of playoffs because I forgot to take out a hitter on the final night after "locking up" the win.  Instead, the player struck out twice and instead of winning the K category by one, I lost it by one and ended up being eliminated from the title chase.

What a waste.

Luckily, there was one bright star in my fantasy baseball world - Ryan, the commissioner of the paid league I'm in, holds specific contests throughout the year.  A couple of weeks ago, the contest was "biggest beatdown" - and somehow my team ended up actually winning by the largest margin for that particular week.

My prize came in the mail a couple of days ago - and while I won't exactly spoil all of the contents I will say that the wonderful custom Ginter set that you've seen (or maybe heard rumors about) has officially expanded...and I now am the proud owner of a few more cards.  In fact, the set now numbers 0 - 79 in terms of base cards.
A snippet of some of the new subjects of the Munnatawket custom set.

That's right, there's a card 0 - and if you are lucky you might get one in a trade package from me seeing as how Ryan was kind enough to throw in a few extra cards for my blog readers!  If you haven't seen card 0 yet, let me give you a hint:  she had naked pictures of her stolen recently.

Oh yeah, there's a serially numbered insert set now too.

With only 25 of each of the five cards in the insert set in existence, this will be a tough one to complete!  I can promise that it'll be even tougher than that since Ryan sent me my own full set - which means there are at most 24 other sets out there...  There's the distinct possibility that I have an extra one or two of the insert cards to include in a lucky trade package as well.  I decided to blur out the names on the insert card just to keep some of the mystery of the set in tact (in true Allen & Ginter's fashion)!

Finally, Ryan's custom set also includes a number of autograph cards - and those of you who may have traded with me recently probably ended up with my autograph card.  Ryan helped me restock my supply of that card a bit as well - so if you haven't traded with me what's the hold up?!

At least the custom cards cheered me up - even if baseball season is now all but dead to me since I'm eliminated from both fantasy leagues and my Reds seemingly gave up back in July.


RAZ said...

I am pretty darn jealous of you right now.

Play at the Plate said...

Me too.

RAZ said...

I have a checklist question regarding this set. Who is depicted on cards #41 and #54? As a follow-up, do you have any spares of those particular cards available for trade?

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