Friday, September 26, 2014

Win the World's Most Valuable Card

My packing of all my cards is almost complete in preparation for my wife and my move to our new house (we close on the new place this coming Tuesday).  As probably anyone who has moved before will tell you, every now and then you find some weird, strange, or otherwise forgotten stuff while packing.  For me, one such forgotten artifact is this lone pack of 1995 Topps Football.

I have no recollection of how I acquired this pack anymore - but I do know that I might as well open it.  The front of the pack states that you can win the world's most valuable card which sounds pretty good to me right about now.  Do you think the redemption would still be honored?

Let's find out if I need to start making plans for retirement.

Steve Everitt

The 1995 Topps Football set looks identical to the baseball set - unfortunately that isn't a design that I particularly love.  This card of Everitt is particularly creepy with the low angle of a dude who is all wrapped up and yet is "playing" in an empty stadium.  Then again, he does play for Cleveland so maybe it really was game day?


Mike Pritchard

My knowledge of mid-90s football is seemingly nonexistent since I'm now two-for-two in terms of guys I've never heard of.  I also should apologize for the poor photos in today's post - I had to use my phone camera since my scanner is now out of commission until we move!

Jamir Miller
Make it three-for-three for guys I've never heard of until today.  The Pritchard photo seems like it was taken during an actual game but the Miller and the Everitt photos seem staged.

Florida Hotbed:  Emmit Smith

Finally, a guy I've heard of!  The Florida Hotbed cards are seeded 1 per pack so this isn't a rare card by any stretch of the imagination...but I would hazard a guess that this is about as good of a card as you could hope to pull from a pack of 1995 Topps Football.  Someone out there would probably like this one.

Win a $451,000 Card Entry

Unfortunately the deadline for entry was January 31, 1996.  What's almost two decades later?

Pepper Johnson

Another freaking Cleveland Brown.  Didn't Topps realize I was a Steelers fan?  At least this one features a Brown's player sprawled out on the ground - probably after getting trampled by the Steel Curtain or something.

Yeah, I got nothin'.


Jeff Wilk said...

I have to ask: do they say just which card is worth a half million?

P-town Tom said...

Yeah, I'd like to know as well. I'm assuming it's a football card because of the product, but my head is having trouble coming up with a pigskin card worth that kind of coin.

Laurens said...

Might have been a Walmart promo for the T-206 Honus Wagner card:

Fuji said...

Thought it was kinda cool that Topps had Elway autographs back in the mid 90's... but didn't see any 1995 Topps Elway autographs in the Beckett database. I wonder if these cards were ever issued.

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