Saturday, October 11, 2014

2014 Topps Stadium Club Group Break: SIGN UP NOW (before it's too late!)

My 2014 Topps Stadium Club Group Break (2 hobby boxes) is over half full - in fact, there are now only 13 11 slots remaining in the break (see below). You can find all the details (plus the sign-up page) by going here.

For your reference, as of the time of this posting the remaining unclaimed teams are:
  1. Arizona Diamondbacks  (Paul Goldschmidt auto possible)
  2. Atlanta Braves  (Hank Aaron auto possible)
  3. Baltimore Orioles (Cal Ripken Jr. auto possible)
  4. Chicago Cubs  (Andre Dawson auto possible)
  5. Colorado Rockies (Troy Tulowitzki auto possible)
  6. Detroit Tigers  (Miguel Cabrera auto possible)
  7. Miami Marlins (Jose Fernandez auto possible)
  8. Kansas City Royals  (George Brett Die Cut possible)
  9. Los Angeles Angels  (Mike Trout auto possible)
  10. Milwaukee Brewers (Robin Yount auto possible)
  11. San Francisco Giants (Willie Mays auto possible)
  12. Seattle Mariners (Ken Griffey Jr. auto possible)
  13. Tampa Bay Rays  (Evan Longoria auto possible)
Each of the remaining teams has at least one pretty good autograph possible (except the Royals but they have the possibility of a nice George Brett die cut).  Remember to go to the main sign-up page to verify all the details PLUS make sure your team is still available!


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