Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014 Topps Stadium Club: Hobby Box #1 - Mini Box #1

It's (finally) time to start ripping the 2014 Topps Stadium Club boxes!  Each hobby box contains 3 mini boxes - and each mini box contains six packs (with 5 cards per pack).  Since the odds are all based on mini boxes (as opposed to packs), I will list the entire contents of the first mini box below (with scans of course of some of the cards).  I also opened all the mini boxes on video which I will eventually publish to the blog as well...

Also, as a late addition to the post:  There is a contest going on over at CaptKirk42's blog in celebration of his 5 years of blogging.  Go check it out after seeing what we got in our first Stadium Club mini box!

Hobby Box #1 - Mini Box #1

Base cards:

Adam Jones - Orioles

Marcus Stroman - Blue Jays
Mariano Rivera - Yankees
Jackie Robinson - Dodgers

Wil Myers - Rays
Roberto Clemente - Pirates
Madison Bumgarner - Giants
Chris Owings - Diamondbacks
Christian Yelich - Marlins
Andre Dawson - Cubs
Babe Ruth -Yankees
Chris Archer - Rays
Eric Hosmer - Royals
George Springer - Astros
Carlos Santana - Indians
Domonic Brown - Phillies

Mike Piazza - Dodgers
Brian Dozier - Twins
Jose Altuve - Astros
Roy Halladay - Blue Jays

Ty Cobb - Tigers
Paul Goldschmidt - Diamondbacks
Jose Canseco - Athletics
Carl Crawford - Dodgers
Joe DiMaggio - Yankees
Adrian Gonzalez - Dodgers
Koji Uehara - Red Sox


Beam Team:  Yu Darvish - Rangers

The Beam Team cards are seeded 1:3 mini boxes which makes this a box hit for the Rangers!

Field Access: Willie Mays - Giants

A cool photo for sure - and a different one (at least I don't recall seeing this particular image used on a baseball card before).  I wasn't necessarily happy to be stuck with the Giants (they went unclaimed in the break) but I will admit that I'm happy to have this particular Giants card in my collection!


SCA-AH.  Andrew Heaney - Marlins

Our first autograph goes to Matthew Scott who claimed the Marlins (as well as a bunch of other teams).  Congrats to Matthew!  The autograph itself is quite nice (and it's on card which is awesome).  I don't see how you get "Heaney" out of the scribble for the last name though...

That's it for the first mini box.  In this box, every team landed at least one card except for the Braves, White Sox, Reds, Angels, Brewers, Mets, Padres, Mariners, Cardinals, and Nationals.  Not bad considering we only had 30 cards in the mini box!  The Dodgers were the big winners in terms of base cards (landing 4) while the Yankees had 3.  The biggest surprise (besides the Marlins autograph) was that the Astros landed two base cards in the mini box!

Two more mini boxes (and with it, two more autographs) to come!  Stay tuned for more group break goodies in the upcoming days!


RAZ said...

That Beam Team insert is pretty nice. This set has got a lot of great photos. The Astros have been getting a lot of love this season relative to the last few years, when it was pretty much Jose Altuve and the occasional Nolan Ryan or Craig Biggio included in sets.

Matthew Scott said...

Cool! Your job is to pull a good Pirate hit now!

Fuji said...

Normally I'd rather see players in action shots... but for some reason, I really like seeing both Jackie and Willie with the fans.

arpsmith said...

That Mays card is cool, I guess I should have claimed the Giants. Funds were tight after I bought a box of Stadium Club myself. Maybe we can work out a trade down the road for the Giants you don't keep.

Nachos Grande said...

arpsmith: Sounds like a plan!

Fuji: I enjoy the shots with the fans as well, something different. I wouldn't want a full set of them but having a few cards in the set makes for an interesting binder page!

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