Saturday, November 08, 2014

Delivery Time! 2x3 Heroes is a Hero to Me!

It's happy days once again at the Casa de Nachos because trade packages are finally making their way to my home!
Do not adjust your monitors!

One of the latest packages to arrive was a surprise PWE from Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes.

Jeff stuck a sticky note in the package warning me of a Jay Bruce bombing...and he wasn't kidding seeing as how there were three different Bruce cards (all with the same photo).

Jeff also included a sweet Concepcion card...

...and a pair of minis.

As you can see, one of the minis was a Barry Larkin (which I owned already) but - in a super surprise for me Jeff included a second Larkin card that was brand new to my collection!

Yeah, I don't know why it looks like Larkin is actually playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the photo (boo!)...but I do know it's a brand new Larkin card for me which makes me super happy!

Speaking of Barry Larkin cards, I'm finally trying to get the entire collection under control.  Right now, I have managed to get every Larkin card I own from 1986 through 1997 sorted, organized, and scanned.  In addition to the 307 Barry Larkin cards that I've already written about, I have another 107 cards fully scanned and now waiting for me to write about them (and that's only through 1997).  It'll be awhile until I manage to get the next decade's worth of cards done...but man, even with my modest achievements it feels great to have a chunk of the collection fully sorted!

There will be more Larkin cards featured on the blog in the near future - but for now let's thank Jeff once again...and then remind anyone reading this that if you'd like to work out a trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


JediJeff said...

I didn't think Pirates, but I did wonder why they shopped out all the color from his uni on that Prizm. A least isn't new cardboard, and that is a very good thing indeed.

Joe Frecker said...

Looking forward to daily (or close to it) doses of those 107 Larkins.

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