Friday, November 28, 2014

The USPS Cares: Their "Body Bags" Tell You So.

As anyone who has ever traded baseball cards (or anything else) through the mail will tell you, one of the worst sights to see in your own mailbox is the United States Postal Service "body bag."

I had the unfortunate experience of a letter in a body bag arriving in my mail box this past week...

I think the fact that the envelope was totally mutilated was bad enough...but sticking that annihilated envelope in a plastic bag emblazoned with "WE CARE" in all caps?  Now that really gets my goat.


P-town Tom said...

Were the cards still tack?

Fuji said...

I hate the dreaded body bag. Doesn't look like there's any hope for the envelope... but I hope the cards survived.

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