Sunday, January 25, 2015


Update:  I have combined some of the teams into a single slot in order to expedite the process of filling up the break.  Please take a look below - any slot with two teams will still only cost the same $30 shipped to the continental US.  Thanks!


I am pleased to report that I finally got all of the group break packages from my last group break in the mail as of yesterday (well, all but one the one that I'm waiting on payment for).  With that project complete, it's time to start up a new group break!

This one should be a lot of fun as it's all new stuff:

A CASE of 2015 Topps Series I Jumbo Boxes

I asked everyone for their input a few days ago and the case break of jumbo boxes won convincingly.  According to Topps, each jumbo box contains 1 autograph and 2 relics - and case contains 6 boxes.  Thus, we should be looking at 18 different hits for this break!

What you get:

For the low cost of only $30 (price includes shipping to the continental US) you get ALL the cards of your team from the case of jumbo boxes.  For instances where more than one team is featured on a card, I will randomize the winner of that card at the end of the break.  If you want to claim more than one team, there is a discount of $4 per extra team selected.

This break should provide plenty of hits, but also plenty of cool inserts, parallels, and yes, base cards!  The new 2015 Topps base design is quite different from recent years so I know that I'm looking forward to the set!

How to claim:
1.  Leave a comment below with the team(s) you wish to claim.
2.  Send your PayPal payment to fanofreds.auctions at gmail (dot) com.  Please mark your payment as a GIFT and do not leave any comments or other information via PayPal.  Also please note that my email address has an "s" at the end of both fanofreds and auctions.
3.  Send me an email (to the same address as above) with:
  A.  Your user name used to claim the team(s)
  B.  The email address you used to pay for your slot(s)
  C.  Your full mailing address

That's it.  Now get claiming!

Team Slots (note some team slots are two teams for the price of one):

Arizona Diamondbacks & Oakland Athletics - Raz (PAID)
Atlanta Braves  - Matthew Scott (PAID)
Baltimore Orioles - Play at the Plate (PAID)
Boston Red Sox  - Metalattorney (PAID)
Chicago White Sox - JediJeff (PAID)
Chicago Cubs - Tim B. (PAID)
Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande (PAID)
Cleveland Indians & San Diego Padres - Play at the Plate (PAID)
Colorado Rockies & Minnesota Twins - Play at the Plate (PAID)
Detroit Tigers - Chris Guinther (PAID)
Florida Marlins & Tampa Bay Rays - defgav (PAID)
Houston Astros - Bru (PAID)
Kansas City Royals - Jason Koenig (PAID)
Los Angeles Angels - Matthew Scott (PAID)
Los Angeles Dodgers - Night Owl (PAID)
Milwaukee Brewers - Tony L. (PAID)
New York Mets - buckstorecards (PAID)
New York Yankees - Tim B. (PAID)
Philadelphia Phillies - defgav (PAID)
Pittsburgh Pirates - Matthew Scott (PAID)
San Francisco Giants - arpsmith (PAID)
Seattle Mariners - Junior Junkie (PAID)
St. Louis Cardinals - Brady (PAID)
Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate (PAID)
Toronto Blue Jays - Kevin Papoy (PAID)
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Cardboard Hogs (PAID)


buckstorecards said...

Mets for me! I'll throw in $5 extra for shipping to Canada as well.

Anonymous said...

Yankees. Please email me at

Play at the Plate said...

Rangers. I'll pay tomorrow.

JediJeff said...

I'll take the White Sox please.

Kevin Papoy said...

Blue Jays for me ! I'll send more for shipping outside the Us, just lmk how much

Play at the Plate said...

Give me the Orioles too.

Matthew Scott said...

I'm in for the Pirates

Chris Guinther said...

I'll take the Tigers.

Tony L. said...

Chris, I started last year and my first year blogging with one of your box breaks, so count me in for the Brewers. Thanks!

Nachos Grande said...

Thanks everyone - I have updated the available teams list. Let's fill this break up!!

Tim B. said...

Since the Yankees are taken, I'll take the Cubbies. I'll send the payment over to you tomorrow if that is OK.

night owl said...

I'll take the Dodgers.

The Junior Junkie said...

Mariners! You know I'm in on that.

arpsmith said...

Giants please!

Jason Koenig said...

I'll take the royals

Nachos Grande said...

Thanks all, I've updated the list to show the currently still available teams. Let's fill the break!

Metallattorney said...

I'm in for the Red Sox if I can make payment later this week.

Bru said...

Astros please! I can send you payment on Friday.

Nachos Grande said...

List is up-to-date again. If you paid and aren't mark paid above, let me know. Sometimes PayPal is a bit slow to email me.

Anonymous said...

i'll take the Nats!

Unknown said...

Hey chris I will take the cardinals. Will send payment tonight or early AM

Unknown said...

Brady u that is will take them cardinals

Play at the Plate said...

Money sent. From mrbks22. For Balt and Tex.

Matthew Scott said...

Go ahead and give me the angels and braves to go along with my Buccos. You just have to promise me to pull a Hank Aaron and Mike Trout

RAZ said...

I'll take the Diamondbacks / Athletics slot. Payment will be sent this evening.

hiflew said...

Am I in or out on the Rockies package from yesterday? No worries either way, I just need to know, please.

Nachos Grande said...

Hi hiflew, PatP claimed the Rockies before I saw your comment on the other post. If you two want to work out some sort of swap that's cool by me but as of now the Rockies are his.

defgav said...

I'll close it out with the Marlins/Rays/Phillies $40 deal if one has taken it yet.

defgav said...

I'll close it out with the Marlins/Rays/Phillies $40 deal if one has taken it yet.

Nachos Grande said...

defgav: Awesome, the lost three teams are yours!

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