Monday, January 05, 2015

Delivery Time! Dime Boxes Indeed!

Today's trade post is courtesy of Nick over at the wonderful Dime Boxes blog.  My baseball card resume is lacking in that I don't get to card shows very fact, if my memory serves I've only ever been to two dedicated card shows - and both of those happened when I was a little kid!  Needless to say, dime boxes are a mysterious entity to me...but I sure love that folks like Nick have the opportunity to peruse dime boxes and then send me cards I need!

Speaking of needed cards, Nick helped knock off three cards from my 2004 Upper Deck Vintage set.

None of the three players are overly exciting to acquire (such is the life of a set collector) but since they all fill holes in my binder pages, I'm happy!

I'm even happier with the stack of EIGHT 2001 Upper Deck Vintage cards that Nick sent me.  Of the eight, ex-Reds Ramon Hernandez and Jimmy Haynes were the most notable.

Moving away from UD Vintage, Nick had a single 2013 Topps Chrome for me - this time it was a player that most of us have heard of!

I'm honestly surprised at how slow collecting the 2013 Topps Chrome set has been for me.  I opened a single box of the stuff for myself which gave me a nice start...but since then it's been a slow go!

Finally, Nick threw in a few extras for me since he's a generous dude.  The first being this fairly nice Vada Pinson card from some sort of Panini set.

I don't collect much in the way of Panini stuff (mostly just the Larkins) so this Golden Age set is new to me.

The final throw in was most definitely not new - it's from 1950 and it's a sliced and diced card of Herman Wehmeier.

Whoever had that card must not have liked the border at all...

Thanks for the great trade Nick!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


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