Monday, January 12, 2015

Group Break: Final Box Break: 2014 Topps High TEK Box #2!

For me, it's bittersweet that the group break is coming to an end.  For one, a group break gives me "easy" blog material.  Second, I enjoy the posts - and the discussion that some of the cards generate!  I also enjoy hearing what all of you think of the cards (both from your team and the boxes as a whole).  Plus, busting packs is always fun for me.

On the other hand, now comes the hard part - the packing and the shipping!  Since I'm mailing out flat rate mailers, it will take me a few days to get everything packed up for everyone.  That said, I can't even begin packing until I rip open the final 2014 Topps High TEK box - so let's do that now!

HT-TT.  Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies

I have to say, I love the High TEK set.  Between this set and the Stadium Club set, Topps really did a nice job with at least two of their 2014 offerings.  It should be noted (to Topps if no one else) that part of the charm of these two sets is that they have their own distinct character rather than being a rehash of stuff already released this year!

HT-RY.  Robin Yount - Brewers

I'm not sure legends needed to be in the base set but I doubt Jaybarkerfan will complain about landing a nice Yount.  I think Yount is fairly easy to trade if nothing else!

HT-RCL.  Roger Clemens - Yankees

It wouldn't be a group break box if I didn't pull at least one Yankee.  You are welcome Caitlin!

HT-AG.  Alex Guerrero - Dodgers

This is the second Dodger I've pulled in the High TEK boxes.  It's amazing I haven't found a Kershaw - but it is definitely not amazing that I've pulled multiple Dodgers.  I'm a freakin' Dodger magnet.

HT-TP.  Terry Pendleton - Braves

Now, I can't explain Pendleton's inclusion in this set.  He certainly isn't a big star (like Yount).  He didn't play for a team that would need a legend in the set since their current players aren't all that exciting (like the Brewers).  I don't get it.  Pendleton belongs in a Fan Favorites / Archives type set...not a set where a box costs upwards of $70 for a single pack of eight cards.

HT-JS.  Jean Segura - Brewers
Ice Diffractor - #58/75

Congrats go out to Jaybarkerfan (again) for landing this nice Ice Diffractor parallel of Segura.  Who would have guessed we'd pull two Brewers in a single pack of 2014 baseball cards?!

HT-WMA.  Willie Mays - Giants
Clouds Diffractor - #09/25

While the Segura card was nice, this Willie Mays parallel (numbered out of 25) is flat out awesome!  A huge congrats go to Adam K. who has the Giants - I think he'll like this one a lot (and if he doesn't, I'll trade for it)!

Finally, our autograph.  It's not serially numbered this time but it's still pretty darn nice!

HT-DW. David Wright - Mets

While the Wright isn't numbered by Topps, I do like how David inscribed his jersey number under his autograph.  Pretty sweet autograph - and a great ending to the break for Keith!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the group break - I know I have (though I wish I would have gotten a Red out of one of the Topps High TEK boxes)!  Over the next few days (weeks?) I'll be packing up everyone's cards and mailing them out.  Expect to get a brick of cards from me in the near future!

AND NOW - what should my first group break of 2015 consist of?  Let me know now so I can start figuring out the logistics!!


Anonymous said...

Nice cards. As for you first break of 2015, how about a couple jumbo boxes of Series 1?

Adam Kaningher said...

Pretty awesome! (and that Tulo as well!)

I've seen Wright's #5 on another one of his autographs from an Opening Day set. It's a nice touch.

Mark Hoyle said...

Got my box of cards from the break today. Thanks Chris

Keith G said...

Sweet. One less auto to hunt down an chase.

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