Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Group Break: Only 5 Slots Remain: Possible Bonus at Stake (Join Now)!!

I only have five slots remaining in my 2015 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Case group break - and if I can sell all five remaining slots I'll be sure to include a few bonuses in the break!

To make the slots even more attractive, four of the remaining slots give you two teams for the price of one ($30 per team slot includes shipping to the continental US).  Help me fill the break - go here to sign up.

From here on out, we only have five remaining slots to sell...and they are:
  • Arizona Diamondbacks & Colorado Rockies 
  • Cleveland Indians & San Diego Padres 
  • Florida Marlins & Tampa Bay Rays 
  • Minnesota Twins & Oakland Athletics 
  • Philadelphia Phillies 
Can we fill this break up before I go to bed tonight?  That would be super so that I don't have to write yet another begging post tomorrow!!

Go here to sign up!


RAZ said...

I would buy a Diamondbacks/Athletics combo slot or an Athletics/Rockies combo slot, in that order of preference.

hiflew said...

If you sell RAZ the DBacks/A's, I'll pop for a Rockies/Padres combo.

hanna alisha said...

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