Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Group Break Begins: 2013 Panini Triple Play Box (Part 2)

First, let me say Happy 2015 to everyone.  It should only take me until about March to stop signing things 2014.  Seriously, I feel like I only recently stopped thinking it was 2013.  I'm old.  Get off my lawn.


Let's get right to it - here's the second (of what should be three) videos for the 2013 Panini Triple Play box.
I have to say, I'm really digging this set.  It's relatively cheap...and you get too many duplicates...but even so, it's a fun rip!  Sometimes it's fun to open up cards where you get excited about simple inserts rather than disappointed when you pull an autograph or relic of some guy you've never heard of!

As with the previous post from the Triple Play box, I figured I'd scan at least some of the cards for those that don't have the attention span to watch the video rip.  

My favorite (non-Reds) base card in this set of eight packs was the Starlin Castro.  Such a goofy looking image, it's hard not to laugh.  Actually, I did laugh out loud (LOL!) when I first saw the card as I opened the can watch the video if you don't believe me.

Each pack contains one sticker card - so here's our eight from this middle third of the box.

As you can see, we are hitting quite a few duplicates which is a bummer.  I did learn while doing a bit of online research that the red stickers are 15 per box, the blue are only supposed to be 6 per box, and the cartoon stickers are 3 per box.  If that indeed holds true then our final third should contain two more cartoon stickers and the rest should be red stickers.  We have found 6 blue stickers (though two are Ryan Howard and two are Gio Gonzalez).

We received a single Baseball 101 card.

That's too bad since the Baseball 101 cards are only 4 per box - we've now found 3 of our 4 with two of them being the Outfield card.

This time around, we had 4 of the All-Star cards.

The All-Star cards are seeded 8 per box and we now have 7 of the 8 promised.  Luckily, since the All-Star cards are quite nice, we managed to pull seven different cards so far from the set!  

We found our second Baseball Traditions card...

This is the first pitch card featuring (I guess?) William Taft since that's the only person mentioned by name on the back of the card.  The Traditions are seeded 2 per box so this should be our final such card since we already got the hot dog card in the first group of packs.

Finally, we get to the eye black and tattoos.  For the eye black, we found two more (Bryce Harper and Felix Hernandez).
In the video I wasn't sure who "Hernandez" was supposed to be but according to online checklists it is indeed for pitcher Felix Hernandez.  That card goes to the Mariners slot...even if I've never seen a pitcher wear eye black before.  For those keeping track, we now have 3 eye black cards.  That means we are due for a bunch in the final eight packs since they are seeded 8 per box!

Last but not least, we end with a pair of tattoo cards (Matt Kemp and Mike Trout).  

We already pulled a Kemp tattoo card but oh well...  This gives us a total of 6 tattoos from the box which means we should get two more in our final eight packs since you get 8 per box overall.

We haven't found any sign of a "hit" yet either...though I believe hits in this set are generic gloves and jerseys without any player or team attached to them.  I might be wrong about that though!


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