Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Who Is Honoring Nachos Grande Now? (Volume I)

I took a page out of Stephen Colbert's playbook when I launched my Better Know a Blogger series back in December.  That ended up being more successful than I could have possibly imaged (and yes, there are still a few more entries in the series forthcoming - including tomorrow)!  For now though, I'm going back to the Colbert well (he won't mind I'm sure since he is leaving his faux news character behind in his move to CBS).

This time I'm stealing his:  Who is Honoring Nachos Grande Now?

Oh sure, he didn't quite call it that but I'll give him credit!

As with anyone who has an ego (and don't we all?), I like to be honored.  My Who is Honoring Nachos Grande Now will be my chance to toot my own horn so to speak.  Sounds splendid to me!

First up with the honors, I've been nominated and made the final cut for the 2014 Bip Awards.  I have to thank at least one mystery nominator for thinking of me - and now it's down to a vote.  I didn't get nominated for best blog (no surprise there) but I was nominated for Most Generous Trader which, quite frankly, makes me happier!  I encourage you to go over to A Cardboard Problem and vote for all the various categories.  Who knows, you might even discover a new blog or two to check out!

Next up, I had a pair of happy customers post their haul from my latest group break.  It turns out that packing up entire flat boxes takes a long time...so long in fact that I'm still not done packing up everyone's stuff.  That said, a few boxes have gone out already - and some of those have shown up on the blogs.  The first one I saw was over at Phungo and the other post I caught was by The Junior Junkie.  If you decided to post your haul from my group break (or any future break that I might hold), feel free to give me a shout so that I don't miss your post!

Finally, I woke up yesterday morning to see myself tagged in a Twitter post.  I'm not nearly as active on Twitter as a lot of folks but I do make an effort occasionally.

Wow!  That reply from James was in response to the return of Mario Alejandro (one of the first card bloggers I encountered back when I started Nachos Grande).  Mario is, it would appear, returning to the blogosphere and he was wondering what blogs were still around.  To be mentioned in the same breath as blogs that I consider much superior to my own (Night Owl, Fuji, SCU, Wrigley Wax) was an honor...and a heckuva way to start a national holiday Monday in which I still had to work (my college doesn't close for MLK, Labor Day, President's Day, etc).

Thanks all - and keep those honors coming!  I don't want this series to be a one and done venture!


James B. Anama said...


No problem. I've always had in my head about 12 blogs or so that I think are the best in the Hobby Blogging Community. And your blog is on that list. It's a testament of longevity, and the content of your posts. Even if you are a Reds fan.


JayBee Anama

Kevin Papoy said...

just did a similar post the other day ! let's all give ourselves a pat on the head (and an extra one just for you !)

Keith G said...

Saw the post from Sooz an found myself nominated to as a Rookie of the year blogger. Will be posting in the next day or so about the box being I received it Saturday. Thanks again.

The Lost Collector said...

I think your blog was the first I found when I decided to search if baseball card blogs were a thing.

Suzy Lulgjuraj said...

Good luck!

Keith G said...

Posted yesterday about getting the package. The custom minis are awesome

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