Saturday, February 07, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Case Group Break: Box #1: Pack-by-Pack (Packs 6 - 10)

I broke down the first half of the first jumbo box from our group break last night.  This morning, it's time to break down the second half (which includes two of the three hits from the box).  If you missed it, you can also watch me open the first box on video by going here.

Now, let's take a look at some of the scans.  Remember, I'm only scanning a few cards per pack - basically the ones that caught my eye for one reason or another.

Pack 6:

The sixth pack had a few Future Stars subset cards in it but the Evan Gattis struck me as someone who probably shouldn't be getting the Future Stars label in 2015.  After all Gattis already has 213 MLB games under his belt.  He has racked up a .253 career average with a 3.2 WAR.  Not bad, but not exactly superstar material either.

There were seven inserts in this pack - but only one of which was a parallel.  The Royals land a gold parallel (#1981/2015) - and getting a gold parallel of a team card is pretty cool (especially with the fun photo)!

I almost scanned the Jermaine Jones First Pitch card (since I like soccer/futbol) but I think the Elvis Andrus short print variation was more deserving of some photo time.  I wonder how many of the photo variations involve Topps' newest favorite child, Mr. Jeter?

Pack 7:

The seventh pack was highlighted by a pair of base cards plus an autograph.  First up, the Jose Abreu Future Stars subset card.  I think Gattis was a stretch for the subset...and perhaps Abreu is too although he only has one year of MLB experience heading into 2015.  In a fun new twist (or at least new to me), Topps included Abreu's statistics from his time in Cuba on the back of the card.  I do think that Topps made an error though - I'm not sure how Abreu could have hit 99 home runs in 2012 but only have 1 RBI (unless Cuban rules are way different)!

The second base card of note from the pack was a nice Paul Konerko send-off card.  I always liked Konerko so it's nice to see a classy photo for his final base card.

Finally, we get to the one promised autograph in the box.  Frankly, this one was a dud - John Holdzkom had 100 strikeouts as a pitcher in the minors...back in 2008.  Of course, as soon as I wrote that I thought I ought to Google Holdzkom and see what he's been up to since 2008.  Lo and behold, there was an article written just a couple of days ago asking if Holdzkom is a lock for the Pirates' pen.  Maybe this autograph wasn't quite as bad as I thought?

It should be noted that this pack had five other inserts (not pictured) including a Justin Upton rainbow foil parallel for the Braves.

Pack 8:

Pack #8 had five inserts including two parallels.  One was a rainbow foil parallel of Trevor Cahill (Diamondbacks) while the other was another gold team card parallel. This time, the Pirates get lucky with a card #1998/2015.  This ended up being a good box for the Pirates!

Pack 9:

Pack 9 provided our final hit of the box - and was it ever a good one!  The Abreu is one of the Future Stars commemorative pin cards.  I really like the background behind Abreu in the photo - it sort of looks like a theme park or something (is that a roller coaster in the background)?!  Congrats to the White Sox for this one.  Pack 9 also had another rainbow foil parallel of Zach Duke (Brewers) but the rainbow foil cards don't scan worth anything so I didn't bother showing it off here.

Pack 10:

Finally, we reach the end of box #1.  This pack contained what is probably my favorite base card that I've seen in the set so far - Mike Trout with lots 'o dirt.

The pack also provided another six inserts (including a Johnny Bench card for me - not shown).  Not counting the Bench, the best of the bunch was easily the Mark McGwire Gallery of Greats card.  I like that set a lot - it's a shinier version of Gypsy Queen's paper framed cards.


Phew!  That was a lot of typing and scanning!  I think to maintain my own sanity going forward I might split the box recap posts up into only three or four packs per post.  Five packs is too many scans to complete, crop, and upload...  Not to mention coming up with something to say for that many cards all at once!

I will say this though - if you haven't checked out the video for the second group break box...well, you should.  That box blows this one out of the water (though I think we did pretty well with the hits here too).


roddster said...

How did McGwire all of as sudden get back on Topps' good side? Topps has silently taken a stand against guys from the steroid scandal. Bond's and Sosa haven't appeared on cardboard in years, all of a sudden McGwire is back in? I don't get it. Can anybody give me some insight on this?

Nachos Grande said...

McGwire did his time and got hired by MLB teams again while Sosa and Bonds did not? I don't know exactly - but it seems like most of the hatred that would have been directed towards McGwire instead got piled on Bonds. Sosa, on the hand, cheated in so many ways (corked bat, steriods, etc.) that I don't think anyone cares for him anymore!

Anonymous said...

John Holdzkom is an interesting story, the kind of guy that keeps everybody in the minors and independent ball going, thinking "It happened to him, it can happen to me too!" Part of it was a maturation process on Holdzkom's part, but a change to his grip made big difference as well. I know that my jaw hit the ground when I found out that this guy from my 2006 Bowman card came out of nowhere to make his major league debut.

I always like to see a guy like that get some non-Bowman cardboard.

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