Monday, February 09, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Case Group Break: Box #3: Pack-by-Pack (Packs 1-4) (and contest reminder)

I actually busted the entire Box #3 this past Saturday...but it takes a lot longer to get all the scans done and the posts written so I'm only up to the third box in that regard today.  Anyhow, let's get right to it.  As usual, I'm only showing a select few cards from each pack.

However, before I get to the packs I'd like to remind you of my contest which closes one minute before midnight tonight.  All you have to do is be the last commenter on the post to win big!

Box 3:
Pack 1:

We begin with yet another Dodger from the awesome Gallery of Greats insert set.  I'm kind of hoping Night Owl doesn't like these so that he'll send them back my way ;)  It's a great looking set - even if this particular card seems to have some sort of blemish in the foil (underneath Ramirez's back elbow).

The pack held 7 inserts but only one stood out above the Gallery of Greats - and that's the Jose Reyes above.  The parallel is a "Snow Camo" parallel and happens to be numbered 12/99.  The snow camo cards are seeded 1:54 packs or about one per case which makes this a really nice hit for the Blue Jays!

I will say that I don't need any cards labeled "snow" anything right now...I've had enough of the white stuff for the year (and it's only February).  I'm sick of shoveling!

Pack 2:

I try to show at least one of the base cards in every post lest you think I only care about the inserts.  Actually, I care about the base cards way more...but in a jumbo box case break it should be a safe assumption that we'll get all of the base cards (probably multiple times).  Thus, I do usually focus on the inserts - but not entirely!  The Shin-Soo Choo card is another one of the excellent horizontal cards in the set.  Good stuff!

The second pack had six inserts including a Dioner Navarro (Blue Jays) rainbow foil parallel.  However, the best of the bunch goes to the Yankees with the Brett Gardner gold parallel (#1783/2015).

Pack 3:

The third pack from the box included another six inserts including our second gold parallel in a row.  This time, it was the Tigers getting in on the action with a Steven Moya parallel numbered 1115/2015.

Pack 4:

The fourth and final pack for this post includes our first hit of the box.  Before we get to that, let's show off one of the other six inserts - a nice Ken Griffey Jr. Archetypes card.  There was also another rainbow foil parallel of Wilson Ramos (Nationals) that didn't get scanned.

That leads us to our first hit - and it's the autograph out of the box.

This time around we get Scott Sizemore for the Oakland Athletics.  Sizemore is a decent player but probably nowhere near the high end level of desirability for an autographed card.  That said, I'm glad that another team got in on the hit action - Oakland is often left out so from a group break host's perspective this was a good pull!

I'll have plenty more from this box in the upcoming days as I keep scanning and writing.  However, if you want to know what I pulled without waiting, you can always go watch the video here.


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