Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Case Group Break: Box #4: Pack-by-Pack (Packs 1 - 3)

We are officially moving on to the second half of the group break at this point seeing how we are now going to take a look at packs out of box #4.  Remember, the 2015 Topps Series 1 jumbo case holds six boxes total.  Let's take a look and see what box #4 held!  As with the other boxes, you can watch the full video box break here...or you can read on for some scans of cards from the first three packs!  I will spoil the box a bit by saying that we find a really rare hit at some point during this box break!!

Box 4:
Pack 1:

The first pack yielded seven inserts including a Fergie Jenkins (Rangers) not pictured.  Instead, I decided to show the first buyback of the box - a Joe Wallis card from 1979 Topps.  The Wallis goes to the Athletics who were claimed by Raz (along with the Diamondbacks).

The big hit of the pack goes to Tim B. who had the Cubs seeing as how we landed this beauty:

That's a snow camo card of Junior Lake of the Chicago Cubs.  The card is numbered 33/99 on the back and the icy blue coloring looks great with the Cubs colors!  Congrats Tim!  I should mention that the snow camo cards are pretty tough pulls at 1:54 packs.  I think our box over performed on that front but I'll have to wait and collate all the inserts at the end before I say that for certain!

Pack 2:

The second pack contained one of my favorite horizontal base cards in the set - an Adrian Beltre checklist card celebrating his 2500th hit.  This is a nice pickup for the Rangers but it certainly wasn't the best card of the pack for Texas

No, the Rangers best card was the Elvis Andrus gold parallel #1830/2015.  The only downside to that card is that it happens to be miscut by quite a bit.  I guess Play at the Plate (who claimed the Rangers) will have to decide if it is worth sending in a serially numbered card to Topps hoping for a better replacement.  Pack 2 also contained a rainbow parallel of David Wright (Mets) which is a nice pickup for buckstorecards even though the rainbow parallels don't scan well.

Pack 3:

To be honest, the third pack didn't hold much of excitement (to me at least).  Of course, Play at the Plate may disagree since he landed this Ray Corbin buyback from 1973 Topps.

In addition, PatP landed a rainbow foil parallel of Nick Tepesch (Rangers - not pictured).  Other than that, pack 3 was a bit of a wash!

I'll have more out of box #4 soon - including a rare hit!  Stay tuned for more!


Play at the Plate said...

That Play at the Plate dude did alright in this round.

Tim B. said...

That snow camo card looks pretty nice in the scan. Can't wait to see it in hand. Thanks!

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