Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Case Group Break: Box #4: Pack-by-Pack (Packs 8 - 10) includes 2 Hits!!

The final three packs of the 4th box of our 2015 Topps Series 1 jumbo case group break is ready to go!  Let's take a look.

Box 4:
Pack 8:

There are three packs remaining - two of which hold hits.  This is the pack without a hit so you get a base card.  I'm thinking that Soler is supposed to be pretty good so this is a nice rookie card pickup for Tim B. who claimed the Cubbies.  Tim also landed a Bruce Sutter insert and an Ernie Banks insert in this pack (not pictured).

The only parallel in the pack was this gold parallel of Madison Bumgarner winning the World Series single-handedly (single arm-dedly?).  The card is numbered 0592/2015 and will soon be in the possession of arpsmith who claimed the Giants in the break.

Pack 9:

Pack 9 held a Griffey Jr. insert (Mariners, not shown) and a Daniel Nava rainbow parallel (Red Sox, also not pictured).  The highlight of the pack though goes out to Brady who claimed the St. Louis Cardinals.

That's a nice autographed card of Allen Craig - and a nice pick-up for St. Louis.  I'm still pleased to see a pretty nice distribution of hits across many teams (though not the Reds unfortunately).

Pack 10:

Without wasting any more time, here's the biggest hit of the box!

That's a World Series relic of Tim Hudson of the Giants numbered 052/100.  A big 'ol congrats to arpsmith for that one as well!  The World Series relics are a super tough pull - this one is seeded 1:1,042 jumbo packs!!

If our case wasn't already a success, I'd say you'd have to consider it a great case now...and we are only through two-thirds of the boxes (at least in terms of scans).  As of the time that I'm writing this post, I have indeed busted box #5 but box #6 is still sitting on my desk untouched.  However, it is my hope that by the time this post goes live on my blog I will have also busted the final box...and maybe even gotten a few packages out in the mail by now!


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