Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Case Group Break: Box #5: Pack-by-Pack (Packs 1 - 3)

EDIT:  I have officially packed everyone's group break goodies up and dropped them off in the mail earlier today.  You can track your own package by using this link (except for my two international packages...but I promise they were sent as well)!


It's time to begin scanning packs from the fifth (of six) jumbo boxes in our 2015 Topps Series 1 case group break.  As of the time that I'm writing this post, I haven't yet opened up the final box...I am forcing myself to get through the first five boxes' worth of scans before ripping that final cube of cards!

In order to keep the break moving along, I better get scanning - enjoy box #5 (and if you prefer, you can watch the video of me opening the entire box here)!

Box 5:
Pack 1:

I am running out of base cards to scan - it's hard to remember which cards I've already shown off at this point!  I'm fairly certain I haven't yet shown the Kevin Kiermaier card - and it's notable since it's it is a Future Stars subset AND it features Kiermaier visibly exhaling.  You don't see that a lot on baseball cards.

The first pack featured a few other things you don't often see on baseball cards incuding Eddie Vedder throwing out a first pitch (Cubs) and Bill Clinton earning the Democratic nomination in 1992.
We also got a new Mike Piazza card featuring Piazza as a Met rather than a Dodger.  That's another thing you don't always see...especially since the Gallery of Greats set seems to be loaded with Dodger cards!  This one goes out to buckstorecards - and I have a feeling he'll like it a lot!

Our final card of note in the first pack is a gold parallel for the Twins of Trevor May.  May's card is numbered 0183/2015.  Play at the Plate nabbed the Twins - so this one's headed to his pile!

Pack 2:

The second pack featured a really nice Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins) rainbow parallel (headed to degav) and the Bob Humphreys 1969 Topps buyback card.  Humphreys is a Senator on the card - and thanks to a comment left by Metallattorney on the video page, I know it belongs to the Rangers (and thus Play at the Plate lands another nice card)!

Pack 3:

The third pack of the box featured a nice card of the space shuttle Columbia.

I had the good fortune of watching the Space Shuttle Atlantis take off on its last flight a couple of years ago.  I blogged about my experience here.  Ever since watching the shuttle launch, I've been a sucker for all space-related baseball cards!

For those that don't care about space as much, you might be interested in our first hit of the box.

That's a Dustin Pedroia relic card for the Red Sox (and thus Metallattorney gets it).  That only seems fair since he helped me out in locating the correct owner for the buyback card in the previous post!  Good karma I guess!

I'll have more from the fifth box soon - I can spoil it a bit by saying we do find a case hit in this box!


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