Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Case Group Break: Box #6: Pack-by-Pack (Packs 1 - 3) (Plus a big question at the end)

It's finally here - the final box of the first group break of the year.  I have to admit, the 2015 Topps set hasn't disappointed me at all.  In fact, I've been pleasantly surprised by almost all aspects of the set!  Let's finish the group break in high style - here are the first few packs out of box #6.

Box 6:
Pack 1:

Apologies if I've shown the Jackie Bradley Jr. before, but I don't think I have and that's an oversight on my part!  This card is pretty much perfect - and it's a great extension that was framed beautifully by the card design!

I think I've scanned every single Gallery of Greats in the group break so far - and I'm not about to stop now even if it is yet another Dodger!  This is another great looking card - and maybe if Night Owl ends up with duplicates of these he'll send some back my way in the future!

Pack 2:

The second pack was heavy on parallels - we pulled three in total!  The first was a rainbow parallel of Adam Wainwright (Cardinals - not shown).  The second was the Felix Hernandez gold parallel shown above.  The Mariners nab a card numbered 1103/2015.

Finally, the best parallel (in terms of rarity at least) was this black bordered Jeff Baker of the Marlins card.  The Baker is numbered 29/64 - and it goes out to defgav who claimed the Marlins this time around.

Pack 3:

Finishing off the first few packs from this box, we end with our second gold parallel in as many packs.  This one features Kluber (Indians), Scherzer (Tigers), and Weaver (Angels) and so I'll random it off at the end of the break.  The card is numbered 1064/2015.

At this point, there are only seven packs remaining until our first group break of 2015 is in the books!  With that said, I do hope that most (if not all) group break packages will be in the mail by the time you are actually able to read this post.  Thus, it's time to ask:

What should I do next for a group break?

Some choices:
2015 Topps Heritage (2 boxes)
2015 Topps Heritage (case)
2015 Topps Opening Day (maybe 3 or 4 boxes)
2015 Topps Tribute (High end Break - one Box would be quite pricey)
or, I could try to track down some older boxes and do some sort of retro break.  Suggestions welcome!

Let me know which (if any) of the above options you'd be interested in!


B Man said...

I vote for a case of Heritage

Anonymous said...

i would vote for a combo of Opening Day and Tribute. could be a nice mix of high end and lower tier cards.

P-town Tom said...

I like the combo idea as well. I don't have much use for Tribute, but a couple of boxes of Heritage and Opening Day would get me to bite.

Tim B. said...

I'd be interested in either of the Heritage options, or the Heritage/Opening Day option.

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