Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Case of Topps 2015: A Full Look at We Got!!

By now, most (if not all) of you should have gotten your group break package full of cards from me.  I mailed out all $101.54 worth of group break packages last Thursday!  That's right, I was that guy at the post office who had wayyy too much to mail out!  If you want to track your package, you should be able to use this link.  Unfortunately, tracking doesn't work for my Canadian nor my French buyers - but rest assured, your packages have been mailed as well!

Anyhow, since the group break is officially over with and in the mail, I thought it'd be a good idea to take one last look at what came in our group break case.  I always find the contents of a case interesting - hopefully some of you will as well!

Here's the piles of base cards from the case.  Don't they look so pretty with the team specific border combinations this year?

Moving on to the inserts...  Here are the stacks of the most common inserts in the case.
We ended up with exactly 30 of the Call Your Shot Game cards so I put one code card in each team pile.  That seemed like the fairest option.  The First Pitch cards went out to whoever had the team of the stadium shown.

Out of all the inserts, my favorite was the Gallery of Greats.  We did quite well with our case:

Notice all the Dodgers we pulled!  I think the Griffey Jr. is my favorite, though I like the Kershaw quite a bit too.

Next up, the buyback cards.

All told, I can't say the buyback cards interest me all that much.  I wasn't too sad to not pull any Reds - better that everyone in the break get some cool stuff!

Speaking of cool stuff - how about some parallels?

First up, the gold parallels.
I like the look of the gold parallels a lot this year - and I was happy that we managed to land two different Reds cards out of the gold parallel set.  We actually had a nice mix of teams here - something that's great for a group break host!

The other common parallels are the rainbow foils.

Much like the golds, we pulled a nice assortment of teams here too.  You can't easily tell from the photo but the cards themselves are really quite nice (and shiny)!

Moving on to the rarer cards of the break.

We pulled two different image variation short prints.  One was Elvis Andrus and the other Greg Holland.
I think both of the images are quite nice - and again, we spread the love out across some more teams!

Topps' flagship offering is known for having lots of parallels including a number of rare ones.  We did quite well here too:

That's one pink, two snow camo, and three black bordered parallels.   Not bad for a single case!!  The Blue Jays made out best here but still we had five different teams get in on the rare parallel action.

That leads us to our hits.  Each box comes with one autograph and two relics.  We didn't hit any rare autographs so all six are of the same basic (non-serially numbered) design.

Although we didn't pull any tremendous autographs, I still think the basic design looks quite good.  The best part was the all six signatures went to different teams.

Next, each box contained one basic relic card...except for one box which had a special relic card instead (more on that in a moment).

Our relic player selection was much stronger than the autograph player selection!  Harper, Kershaw, Machado, Tulowitzki, and Pedroia.  Those are all big names!  The card design isn't too bad either - I like how the colors work with the team.  The Tulo is my favorite relic out of the bunch since it's the only non-white, non-grey swatch.

The second relic in each box is actually a manufactured relic.  Once again, we hit one special one (more on that in a moment as well) so we ended up with five of the basic manurelics.

Our MLB logo pin players are all great names - and the Jose Abreu Future Star pin is another awesome pull.  I don't know anything about Betances but since he's a Yankee I have to assume that was a decent find too!

Finally, we get to the three best cards of the break:

The Cole Hamels is a silver parallel numbered out of 20.  The Tim Hudson is a World Series relic numbered out of 100.  The David Wright is a penny and stamp card numbered out of 50.  All good players - and all nice designs!

Overall, I think this is one of the best cases of cards that I've ever opened.  We had a lot of cool stuff for almost every team (plus loads of base cards for everyone)!  We found some rare cards - and some nice parallels.  We even hit star players with almost every relic!  All told, I have to say it was a successful break (even if it set me back over $100 in postage to mail everything out)!!

This post officially concludes the group break!  I hope everyone enjoyed the break - and if you haven't yet, let me know what group break you'd like to see next.  It could be one product, two products, or many products...I'm all ears right now!


Keith G said...

Nice case. Can't wait to see what you pick next too bust. Definitely will try to get in on as many of the breaks that I can.

Billy Kingsley said...

I've always dreamed of opening a case of cards, but it's always been out of my price range. (I don't sell anything, either, so it would be all on me in the wallet). It was nice to be able to see what you got- how many complete base sets did you get, if you checked?

Nachos Grande said...

Billy, I didn't check but based on the number of Reds' duplicates that I ended up with, I would say 5 full sets is a safe bet for sure. I ended up with 7 of each of the Reds, but I can't say for sure if that was the case for all teams.

Kevin Papoy said...

There really wasn't much to expect for me hits-wise, so I'm happy I got a few parallels ! I just thought it would be fun to participate in a group break, though I have no idea what I'll do with my 6 or 7 complete 14 card team sets ! Thanks for hosting it, looks like a lot of work and effort for you and the people at the post office (can't wait to receive the cards, I'm expecting them sometime this week)

Billy Kingsley said...

Thank you Mr. Nacho for the reply. Lotta trade bait for you guys!

cynicalbuddha said...

I love watching the break take shape. You got some great stuff especially the Wright, Hamels, and Huddy, too bad the auto were kind of brutal, but I'm sure whoever got them is happy. On a sidenote, not that it matters, but I'm pretty sure that there is only the one framed parallel card, no variations, just the silver framed #d to 20, but I could be wrong on that.

B Man said...

Thank you Chris-got my cards and couldn't be happier-it is also nice to see the hits distributed. Will blog them soon.

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