Friday, February 13, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 337: 1994 Score - #15 - Gold Stars Insert

Barry Larkin
Year:  1994
Brand:  Score
Insert set:  Gold Stars
Card number:  15

The 1994 Score set featured a few different Barry Larkin cards.  The Larkin base card was previously featured in my Barry Larkin Collection here.  There is also a Gold Rush parallel of the base card (which I don't own yet).  Moving on to the inserts, there is the Gold Stars Larkin card featured in this post plus a Dream Team insert card (which I don't own yet).  Finally, the set also had a Barry Larkin Dream Team promo that was sent to dealers (which I don't own as of the time of this posting).

By my count, that's five different Barry Larkin cards in 1994 Score...that's quite a few for an early 90s set.  I bring that up because I don't recall ever actually buying any of the 1994 Score set when I was a kid.  For whatever reason, I never got interested in the set...which means I've gone a long time without acquiring any of the Barry Larkin cards from the set!

It should be noted that Baseballcardpedia claims that the Gold Stars insert set had "only" 6500 copies of each of the 60 subjects created.  I guess that makes this a so-called rare card for the era!


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