Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Delivery Time! Bieber, Larkin, and a Wooden Poker Chip!

Holding the group break over the last couple of weeks meant I had to put all my trading on the back burner.  I do have a few current trades in the works...and while the break was happening I had a few envelopes arrive at my house as well!

Today's package is from Kevin over at The Card Papoy.  Kevin resides in France which means that this is my first baseball card trade with someone from that country (I think)!

Kevin sent me a smattering of goodies which I'll get to in due time.  However, I first must show Kevin's calling card when it comes to trades:

Yeah, a Justin Bieber card.  I wanted to show that off first mostly so people who have a blog roll will have to stare at a Bieber card!

Moving on to the real meat of the trade.  Kevin sent me my first Topps Chipz relic chip.

That's a Jay Bruce game used bat chip (and it's numbered 17/50 on the reverse side).

I've opened a small number of Chipz packs (mostly as group break bonus packs) but I have yet to find any sort of hit out of the set...  To get a Reds hit is definitely cool!

Kevin also sent me a Jay Bruce Topps Gold card from 2014.

I think the 2015 Topps Gold parallels are so much nicer - but I'll gladly take any Topps Gold parallel of a Red...especially one of Bruce who I happen to like quite a bit (and who I hope is able to bounce back this year on offense)!

Kevin sent me quite a few other assorted Reds, but none were as appreciated as the small stack of Barry Larkin cards.  I chose to highlight one of them - a 1996 checklist card featuring Barry Larkin and Chipper Jones.

Finally, we end with a sticker "card" featuring two old NL West rivals.

The back of the sticker has a small write up for both teams...but it's written in French so I have no idea what it says.

I assume it reads as follows:

"The Dodgers were once from Brooklyn but they moved.  In 1993, Mike Piazza became a Dodger.  Later he wouldn't be a Dodger.  The Dodgers are no where as good as the other team on this sticker.  The Reds were originally the Red Stockings.  They are awesome during all eras, especially the Big Red Machine in the 70s.  The Big Red Machine crushed all comers including the Red Sox and the Yankees.  Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, the exceptional Pete Rose...those boys are ballers!"

Thanks for the great trade package Kevin!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


Matthew Scott said...

The Chipz hits are super tough to find. I have the Marte auto from 2013 which took me a long time to find. Great trade from Kevin!

Fuji said...

Not sure what's crazier... people collecting Justin Bieber cards or there was more than one printing of Justin Bieber cards.

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