Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Delivery Time! A Listia Win for Me!

A big chunk of my time lately has been used organizing my cards...but I have done a little bit of shopping on both eBay and Listia.  I haven't actually bought much - in fact, I've only had one winning bid lately but it's been fun looking.

The good news is that my one winning bid was a Listia it cost me nothing in terms of dollars and cents...and it was a brand new card for my Barry Larkin Collection.

The card scanned terrible but if you can't tell that's a 2001 Topps Chrome card.  Somehow I didn't already have that card - though I have to be honest in that I put a bid on the card without consulting my unsorted stack of Larkin cards to double check that I needed it!  Sometimes it is good to be lucky!

The Listia seller was actually a great seller in that he provided a second card free of charge (though it's not a Larkin so it's of no value to me)...

...unfortunately the seller also shipped in a PWE with no other protection besides a penny sleeve holding the two cards.

Once again, it was better to be lucky than good since both cards arrived unscathed amazingly enough!


CaptKirk42 said...

Nice pick up. UGH I hate when ONLY a penny sleeve is used. I also hate those plastic "card savers" (ID badge holders basically) but at least those are something a little more protective. With a PWE sometimes you just get the card w/no protection. The guy should have at least wrapped the card(s) in a sheet of paper. IN a toploader would have been better. Oh but now we are getting out of the PWE field.

Mark Hoyle said...

It seems like we send cards back and forth through trades better than most do when we buy them. Not a bad looking Mo.

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