Friday, February 27, 2015

Topps Bazooka: A Rocket, A Double Play, and a Trio of Red Chunks.

I love busting boxes of cards - whether it's new stuff, old stuff, cool stuff, or even junk wax stuff.  Much of the fun of baseball cards for me lies in the opening of the cards!  That makes tonight's post fun then since there are three packs to open up and post here!

Since this isn't a group break post (there will be plenty of those next week), I decided not to list every single card this but rather group cards of note together.  Hopefully that will make for a more interesting read!

Packs 6 - 8:

My three favorite base cards from the packs happened to all be numbered between 189 (Mora) and 193 (Izturis) - Wilson has card number 102.  I bet this particular page if I put the set in a binder will be one of the best!

The Mora is cool because it shows Melvin doing his best not to get beaned by a runaway fastball.  Although a fairly common occurrence in baseball (the brushback pitch is probably used multiple times per game on average), you don't see a lot of instances of that particular event on baseball cards.  The Jack Wilson card is nice because it shows a great view of a bunt attempt.  Wilson should probably hope his bunt fails though given that he wrapped his fingers around the bat...that would result in a lot of pain should the ball actually collide with the bat there!  Finally, the Izturis is simply a nice action shot!

Moving on to the mini cards...

I would say we did ok in terms of getting decent players.  I don't have any particular allegiance to any of the featured players though so all three minis are available for trade.

The red chunks were a different story in terms of player selection...

I've never heard of Lerew...and no one seems to collect the Royals or Angels anymore...  I'll probably be stuck with all three of these.

Finally, we get to the inserts.  In this set, inserts seem to be seeded one per pack - at least so far.  The trio of packs this time netted me two sticker cards and one comic.

The comic celebrates Roger Clemens...

...a guy who I have no desire to ever celebrate.  That said, it's kind of a nice comic - having a nickname of "the rocket" allows for a fun comic strip I guess.

The two sticker cards strange in that there doesn't seem to be any particular rhyme or reason as to who gets featured.

I would have preferred the stickers to feature four guys from the same team...but not.  The Yankees and Marlins split the one card while the second card features four different teams.  Sort of strange!

That's it for packs 6 through 8.  At this point, we are one-third of the way through the box...  Plenty more to come including a couple of hits (both of which are nice)!!


deal said...

Anthony Lerew graduated from my HS. He tossed a No-Hitter in the Venezuelan league.

deal said...

link for our Lerew coverage

Bru said...

I'll take that Jeff Kent off your hands, as well as any Astros dupes you pull. Never had any of this Bazooka set.

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