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2015 Heritage Group Break Box #1 Breakdown: Includes a RARE error card (that I missed during the video)!

A few days ago, I busted the first six 2015 Topps Heritage boxes on video.  From that experience, I learned a couple of things.
1.  I need to keep all the cards in view of the camera better (hard to do since I only use my laptop's webcam)
2.  I need to check those little card codes on the back of every single card...

From Cardboard Connection, this year's Heritage short prints and stealth errors can be quickly determined by using the small code on the back of the card.

  • Base - end in 53
  • Base SP (#426-500) - end in 58
  • Errors - end in 59
  • Traded Player - end in 60
  • Action Image - end in 62
  • Color Swap - end in 63
  • Throwback Uniform - end in 61
  • After finishing the video, I set each bunch of cards back in their respective box so that I could take my time to look through the card backs in order to see if I missed any special cards.  As luck would have it, I did indeed miss a few variations - including one of the error cards that are seeded 1:840 hobby packs!!  That's 1 per every 3 CASES on average.

    Before I get to the super rare stuff, let's take a look at all of the cards of note (i.e. everything but base cards).  We begin with the box topper.  For our first box, we pulled one of the stamped buyback cards of Al Stanek of the San Francisco Giants.  That means Adam S. landed the first card of the break (congrats Adam)!

    All things considered, that card is in pretty good shape!

    Next up, the regular 'ol high number short prints.  

    This year, the short prints are seeded 1:3 packs which means we should get eight such cards per box.  Therefore, we were right on the mark with Box #1 from our case.

    Moving on to the inserts.  According to the hobby pack wrapper, you can expect to find the following (common) inserts:

    • Base Chrome:  1:23
    • Base Chrome Refractor:  1:41
    • Base Chrome Black Refractor:  1:350
    • New Age Performers:  1:8
    • Then & Now:  1:10
    • Baseball Flashbacks:  1:12
    • News Flashbacks:  1:12

    There are, of course, plenty of other cool (but much rarer) inserts available as well but we'll cross that bridge when/if we get there!

    The first box seemed to line up just about perfectly with the stated odds.  We begin with two Baseball Flashbacks (both Cardinals going to Brady).

    We also found two of the News Flashbacks (Jimi Hendricks and Ronald Reagan).

    I have to say that I like the design of this year's Flashbacks set.  I should also mention that any cards that we pull that don't feature a MLB team will randomed off at the end of the break - this will include pretty much all the News Flashback cards for example.

    Next, the Then & Now inserts.  These are seeded 1:10 rather than 1:12 so there is an outside chance of pulling three in a single hobby box.  We didn't do that as we only pulled two.

    As usual, cards featuring more than one team will be randomed off between all the featured teams.  If we pull dupicates of either of these cards in later boxes I'll make sure one card lands in each team's final pile!

    Moving on to the next insert set, we found exactly three of the New Age Performers (which is right on the mark since they are seeded 1:8 packs).  Our winners here included the Rockies, Rangers, and Tigers.

    That's a solid selection of player names!

    Our final "common" insert of the break was a single base Chrome card.  This one being Hisashi Iwakuma of the Seattle Mariners.

    The card is numbered 533/999 on the back of the card - it's the only serially numbered card out of box #1.  A big congrats go out to Anthony who claimed the Mariners!

    Now, heading into the rarer stuff - we found one of the action variations (code ends in 62) on the back of the card.  Our action variation is of Stephen Strasburg of the Nationals (congrats go out to Kirk on that one)!

    According to the pack wrapper, the action variations are seeded 1:24 packs which means that's a box hit for Kirk!

    Speaking of hits, our one promised hit in the box ended up being a Cincinnati Reds relic - that's good news for me since I have the Reds!

    I really like the relic card - especially since the cloth swatch is something other than white or grey.

    All of that leads us to the final card of box #1 - and it's the one I mentioned earlier...  Seeded one in three CASES on average - it's an error variation of Chris Tillman of the Baltimore Orioles.

    A huge congrats goes out to Gavin.  Gavin jumped in at the last moment and took a bunch of the leftover teams off my hands (including all the Orioles - except Ripken Jr.).  He was rewarded almost immediately by a card that might end up selling for close to the cost of his entire group break spot!

    In case you are wondering, the error is in the write-up on the back of the card.  Notice it says that Tillman is a lefty when in reality he throws right.  I would never have noticed that error if it weren't for the code at the bottom of the card!

    That's it for box #1 - quite honesty I thought we did well before I knew we pulled a super rare error variation.  Given the error however, I have to say this was a great box!  In fact, I would say the first half of the case was pretty great - I'll have more box-by-box breakdowns coming in the near future!


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