Monday, March 23, 2015

Delivery Time! Remember the Astrodome Remembers Me!

I believe that today marks the beginning of the fifth-to-last week of the semester which means my teaching duties are about to kick into high gear (the end of the spring semester is always a mad rush of things - including writing letters of recommendation...oh so many letters...).

Although I know my work is going to be kicking into a higher gear, it also means that summer might not be so far off...and with that comes plenty of good baseball!  Unfortunately, I still have snow in my backyard so for the moment the only baseball that I get to enjoy is baseball in cardboard form.

Luckily, I have nice blog readers like Bru who send me cards to keep me happy!

Bru saw that I was still working on the 2015 Topps Series 1 base set and sent a couple of cards my way.  Both happened to be NL Central rivals of the Reds...and, unfortunately, both the Brewers and Cardinals appear favored to crush the Reds in 2015.

Bru also sent along one of the "Robbed" insert cards - this one being another Brewer!

Despite the enemy status of the Brew Crew, this is a pretty cool card.  I enjoy defensive themed baseball card insert sets so the Robbed set was a natural fit for my collection!

While I definitely appreciated Bru's kindness in helping me with my 2015 set...he really made my day by including a couple of surprise 2014 Topps Heritage cards that I needed!

That's two short prints - and neither happened to be an NL Central rival team!  I actually kind of like both the Tigers and the Rays so that makes this pair doubly nice!

Finally, Bru offered up a palate cleanser of sorts in the form of a few assorted cards of the "good guys."  This includes a gold parallel of the Reds' newest bullpen member:  Tony Cingrani.

Cingrani couldn't beat out guys like Jason Marquis for a spot in the rotation...not sure what that says about either him or the Reds' management.  Eesh.

Bru also sent along what I think might be my first 1975 Topps mini card (sorry Night Owl, but it's true)!  Starting off my collection with Dave Concepcion is a pretty solid beginning I would say!

Thanks so much for the great mailer full of cards - they made this dreary week much more fun!

Finally, if anyone else would like to trade - be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


Julie Owens said...

75 is my fave Topps set, and minis well...they seem to be a sort of contagion!

Tony L. said...

I think that "robbed" insert is the only 2015 Topps Card I need other than those impossible "in the name" 1 of 1s...great card!

Bru said...

Always happy to help! I thought you'd enjoy the mini.

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