Friday, April 24, 2015

Delivery Time! Might as Well Be Last: The Junior Junkie Haul including a Card from the Future!!?

Back in late March, T.J. (aka The Junior Junkie) sent me a package of goodies (along with about 40 other bloggers it seems).  Everyone else has already posted their haul on their respective blogs but things move a bit slower here at the Casa de Nachos.

Maybe if I cut back on the fake yellow cheese I'd move faster?

No matter, if I can't be first I might as well be last - so in a final hurrah, here's yet another awesome Junior Junkie haul!

First up, T.J. included a small batch of assorted Reds including a blue chrome parallel of Todd Frazier.

The Frazier is super shiny - and serially numbered on the back (out of 199).  I would buy a lot more Topps Chrome packs if the colored frame parallels were more prevalent.  Unfortunately for me, I don't usually have much luck in getting awesome cards like this...but luckily others do and then they think of me!

The next card of note was one of the Topps' buyback cards from some time ago...or maybe this year.  Honestly, I have no idea what year the buyback was from though I think 1991 was Topps' 40th, so that makes 2011 Topps' 60th which would put 2021 as Topps' 70th and therefore 2026 as Topps' 75th Anniversary.

Therefore, by math, this card must be from the future.


Speaking of cool, T.J. also threw in a Reds' relic card (which is ironic given T.J.'s recent post on relics and psuedo-relics)!

The Leake card is from 2014 - and according to the card it features Game-Used memorabilia, though the "relic contained on this card is not from any specific game, event, or season."

Makes you wonder. Almost as much as how T.J. was able to send me an old card stamped from the future!

Finally, we arrive at my favorite of pretty much every trade I do:  The Barry Larkin section.

T.J. sent me a nice assortment of Larkins - and any time I get to add to my Larkin Collection I'm happy!

Thanks for the great cards T.J. - and wile it may have taken me forever to get the post written the cards were all very much appreciated!  As for anyone else - if you too would like to trade (and see if I can get a post written up in under a month's time), check out my want list and make an offer!


CaptKirk42 said...

Yeah the 75th Anniversary thing confused me too at first. The 75th is for the COMPANYs anniversary not the anniversary of when they started making baseball cards or any cards for that matter.

The Junior Junkie said...

I'm slow on the trade posts, too. In fact I have five or six still in the works. Shameful.

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