Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Not All Cardinal Fans are Rotten!

As a Reds' fan, I'm used to thinking of Cardinal fans as arrogant people with a superiority complex considering the fact that the Cardinals can't consistently beat the Giants.  That said, even I have to admit that the Cardinals do beat the Reds consistently...  I also have to admit that not all Cardinal fans are bad - in fact one of my favorite people to trade with on the blogosphere is a Cardinals fan:  Kerry from Cards on Cards.

Kerry and I have completed a number of trades over the years - and we seem to match up well (probably because we both consider the other person's team to be the wrong team wearing red in the NL Central)!

My latest envelope from Kerry contained a smattering of Reds plus a few cards from my want list.  Going from most to least recent, we begin with a pair of 2015 Robbed inserts from Topps' flagship issue.

Since I'm a set collector, I didn't even look at the Robbed checklist to see who was on the cards that I needed - I just typed my missing card numbers into my want list and then hoped that I'd eventually acquire the missing cards via trades.  It was a fun surprise then to see that one of the missing inserts was actually a Red (even if it was Ludwick).  I like the Robbed cards quite a bit (as evidenced by my choosing that set to be the lone insert set that I'm collecting from this year's Topps offering).

Slipping back a year, Kerry sent me a lone 2014 Heritage card - but it's a short print which is much appreciated.

I actually had to laugh when I saw the Iwakuma card since I also got the exact same short print in yesterday's trade package.  I went from missing the short print to having an extra copy of it in the span of two days!  Baseball card collecting can be a funny business.

The final set that Kerry helped me out with is back from 2008...Upper Deck Goudey.

I'm guessing the vast majority of the blogging community has either totally forgotten about this set or else never even heard of it.  It was an annoying beast full of short prints...but I've been working on it diligently so it's especially great to acquire two cards all these years later!

I should mention that it didn't go unnoticed by me that the two Goudey cards that Kerry sent me were both Cardinals.  I told you there was something good that I could find to say about the Cardinals!

Thanks again for the great trade Kerry - and as always, if anyone else would like to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer.


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