Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Unexpected Benefits of Hosting a Group Break: Bob Walk the Plank Edition (No Foolin' Here!)

A few days ago, I received a surprise package of cards in the mail courtesy of Matthew over at Bob Walk the Plank.  This package wasn't any sort of April Fool's joke either - it was pure honest to goodness baseball card gold!

Speaking of gold, how about a Topps Gold parallel?

Numbered out of 2015, these cards aren't exactly rare but they aren't super common either.  I think there's a fun multiplication problem lurking to see just how many cards Topps printed by using their stated odds for the various serially numbered insert sets.  It seems that I did that exercise once before (for a different set) and found that the numbers didn't exactly line up well at all.

Matthew sent me a second serially numbered card, but this one's much, much rarer.

That's Sparky Anderson and on the back it is numbered 11/25.  I don't own many cards with serial numbers that low...usually because the super low numbered stuff is either WAY rare in sets I buy or else they lurk in expensive sets that are well outside my meager card budget.  I don't know much about the 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts set - but based on the word Prime, I'm going to assume the set was outside my budget range back in '08.  It's a pretty nice looking card for what that's worth.

Keeping the serially numbered parade marching along, the third (of four cards) in the package was also numbered - this time it's 27/35.

Somehow Matthew managed to send a pair of rather low serially numbered Reds cards my way.  Soon I won't be able to claim that I don't own many low numbered cards!  As for the Cingrani, I'm not usually a fan of Bowman but I have to admit that I found the back of the card rather interesting.

It's a great way to visualize what a pitcher brings to the table over the span of a season - and in Cingrani's case (at least in 2013), that was a LOT of strikeouts.  Unfortunately for Cingrani (and the Reds), he didn't do nearly as well in 2014 and now he's stuck in the bullpen for 2015.

The fourth and final card from the trade package is the only one that wasn't numbered...and yet it's easily the best of the bunch!

That's a beautiful signature of Brandon Phillips - even if it is a sticker autograph.  I used to like Phillips a lot more before he kept running his mouth saying things like "on base percentage doesn't help you win games."  That said, I'll never turn down a nice Phillips autograph!

Thanks a bunch for the surprise package of goodies Matthew!  I'm glad you enjoyed the most recent group break (you can read about Matthew's haul here).  As for anyone else - if you have any cards that I might want or be interested in, shoot me an email and hopefully we can work something out!

Seriously, no foolin'!


Julie Owens said...

I'm not sure how finds all the great cardboard he drops on us. Excellent additions!

P-town Tom said...

I love the back of Cingrani's card. Hitters just can't lay off the high hard stuff!

Matthew Scott said...

Pitch FX data and spray charts are great to look at during work hours. Someone walks by your computer and sees the charts and probably just thinks you are dealing with some complex data.

Glad you liked the cards. Sparky was my favorite of the bunch. I can't stand Brandon Philipps.

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