Friday, May 29, 2015

2x3 Heroes: What's the Unit of Measurement Anyhow?

If you haven't been able to tell, I'm desperately trying to get through the gigantic pile of mail that had accumulated on my desk over the past several weeks.  I love sending (and receiving) trades so it's only right that I also write about and scan the cards when they arrive.  Not only that, I am in the midst of a complete collection overhaul so keeping my "inbox" of sorts empty is important for that project as well!

In the spirit of getting stuff posted, here's the results of a not-so-recent trade with Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes.  Jeff actually mailed this package out back in March of this year - so it's only been two months... (oof!)

Despite the delay, I have to say that this was an awesome trade package.  I actually opened the package as soon as it arrived at mi casa - and I immediately updated my want list since Jeff hit up a fair bit of that for me.  The problem is that once I do that I lose the motivation to actually scan the cards...and so poor Jeff has had to wait about two months for me to publicly acknowledge how awesome he is.

Then again, he could always go back read one of the other EIGHTEEN trade posts I've written about and tagged him in over the years!!  Needless to say, Jeff is an awesome trader - and this is the 19th post to prove that here at Nachos Grande!

Enough jibber jabber, let's get right to it.  We begin with a big 'ol stack of 2015 Topps Series 1 cards.

I know those are all old news by now to everyone reading the blog, but back in March they were still relatively new and exciting.  I actually am still, somehow, missing a pair of base cards from this year's Series 1 flagship set (#75 and #108).  It's amazing that it's been this long and I've been unable to track down the remaining two cards...I'll have to consult a checklist, I can only assume that the two cards are some sort of rookie superstars or something.

Jeff filled out the remainder of the package with some assorted Reds including a pair of hits.  The first is this not-quite-full-sized mini relic of Chris Heisey.

According to the card back, this is from the 2013 Topps Mini Baseball online exclusive set.  Even as a Reds' fan I think I'd be annoyed if I had paid all that money to Topps to get some online exclusive set and then I only end up with a Chris Heisey plain white relic.  Heisey was a decent AAAA outfielder for the Reds - but Cincinnati shipped him off to the Dodgers at the start of this year,  Just one of the many bone-headed moves that the Reds have made lately.

The second hit from Jeff is decidedly cooler!

That's a Billy Hamilton commemorative pin card.  I enjoyed hosting the Series 1 group break in which we pulled a couple of these pin cards (but never the Billy Hamilton).  Luckily, other people out there have better skills at pulling cool Reds' cards than I do!

Finally, we end with this shiny Fleer card of Barry Larkin.

I think this is from the 1989 Fleer glossy commemorative set - I'll have to do a bit more research to make sure before I add the card to my Barry Larkin Collection!

Thanks again for all the great cards Jeff!  And, for anyone else who would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer.  After all, my desk is almost cleared off of all the trade backlog now!


JediJeff said...

You pulled ma an Abreu - I thought it only fair I pulled you a Hamilton.

Red Cardboard said...

Regular 1989 Fleer = Yellow Back. 1989 Fleer Glossy = Blue Back

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