Saturday, May 02, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 361: 1996 Fleer Emotion XL - #165

Barry Larkin
Year:  1996
Brand:  Fleer Emotion XL
Card number:  165

The mid-90s were a time of great trial and error by the various baseball card companies.  Other than perhaps Pacific, I don't think any card company took as many risks as Fleer did - sometimes they panned out while other times they ended up as total flops.  For the Emotion XL set, I don't think the set itself is great but it cannot be denied that the paper frame idea would go on to have a long life thanks to more recent (and more popular) sets like Topps Gypsy Queen!

I actually kind of like the card design - my beef is with the word that Fleer chose to represent some of the players.  In Larkin's case, he was given the word Craftsman which is 1)  NOT an emotion and 2) Not really how I ever pictured Larkin.  Larkin wasn't a crafty, wily veteran in 1996...instead he was a superstar talent with a flair for the dramatic...not exactly craftsman-like.

On the flips side, I think the write-up of Larkin on the back of the card is one of my favorite descriptions of Barry on any card:  "Does everything well."

Most of us can only wish our baseball card (or tombstone) reads that way some day!


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