Friday, May 08, 2015

Delivery Time! A PWE with Cards from 2 Sets I'm Collecting (plus a New Larkin)!

Group break update:  I didn't get a chance to rip another box for our group break since I haven't yet been able to find time to scan all the cards out of the Panini Diamond King box.  Luckily, I have a couple of other posts in my queue so you do still get something to read about today.  I'm hopeful to get back to the group break soon - perhaps even this evening after work.  Thank you for your patience!


Edit #2:  I just realized that this is post #5001 on my blog!  I can honestly say that I never expected to create over 5000 posts (almost all of which are related to baseball cards no less)!

Thanks to the end of the semester craziness with work and then the current group break, I haven't been doing a lot of trading.  That said, I still have a few loyal readers who drop some surprise packages on me - including blog reader Angus.

Angus dropped a PWE on me that contained cards from two different sets on my want list.  In addition, he also managed to find a new Barry Larkin card for my collection.  I would say that was definitely a successful PWE - so much so that I'm determined to show it all off!

Let's begin with the older of the two sets from my want list - 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice.

I'm now incredibly close to completing the entire set - I think I'm basically only missing a few more Cardinals cards before I can call the whole thing complete!  I don't usually like showing a lot of Cardinals on my blog but when I get five that fill in missing spots in my set binder, you better believe I'll happily make an exception to my rule!

Also, isn't that Tom Pagnozzi card nice?

It's photos like that that make me love the Collector's Choice line.

Speaking of sets based around photography, Angus also hooked me up with a pair of Stadium Club cards from 2000.

I don't think either of those guys ever amounted to much in the big leagues...but they at least got featured in a Stadium Club set which is more than I'll ever accomplish!

Finally, to top off the awesome envelope - a new Barry Larkin card for my collection!

I'll have more about that card when I feature it as part of my Barry Larkin Collection posts.  Until then, I'll just simply say "thanks!"

In fact, thanks for ALL the great cards Angus!  And, as usual, if anyone else would like to trade check out my want list and make an offer!


B Man said...

Love the light hittin' Whiten-was it the Reds that he hit 5 home runs off of in one game? Can't recall-could have been Philies.

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