Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Nachos Grande Group Break: 2015 Topps Opening Day Box Recap!

The 2015 Topps Opening Day box was selected for the group break in order to provide a healthy dose of cards to all the teams.  On that count, I would say the box was a success (though I have not yet sorted it all out via teams to be sure).  Before I talk any more about the box, if you'd like to watch the box unfold "in real time" via my recorded box break, go here to watch the video.



Spoiler Alert - last chance to watch the video!


The base card

Although we didn't pull an autograph or relic (both are quite rare in Opening Day boxes), we did get a bunch of nice inserts - including the surprise of the box (to me anyhow), the Opening Day parallels.  The parallels are printed on foil board much like the regular parallels in Topps' flagship offering - but the colors are more pronounced thanks to the dark blue at the top of the card.  I would say the parallels were my favorite of the inserts in the box (and I was happy to land a Red)!

The parallels are seeded 1:5 - we pulled seven which is exactly what the odds would suggest we should have found.  The Mets (and by extension, jacobmrley) were the big winners in terms of parallels landing two of the seven cards!

Moving on to the other inserts in the box.  First up, Superstar Celebrations.  The Superstar Celebration cards are seeded 1:5 packs as well - and as before we landed exactly seven of them.

I can't say that I love the design of the cards - but I do love the "fun factor" that the insert set brings to the table.  Since Opening Day is aimed squarely at the younger set, cards showing fun at the ballpark should definitely be encouraged!

PS:  Can you find the umpire picking his nose in one of the above cards?!

Speaking of fun at the ballpark, the Mascots cards are also seeded 1:5 packs (and in a surprise to no one, we pulled our expected 7 cards)!

While I generally like the idea of the mascot insert set, I must say that only the Phillie Phanatic, Rangers Captain, and Pirate Parrot seem to be having any sort of fun in their photograph.  I want more pictures of mascot hijinks!!

The next three inserts were Hit the Dirt, Stadium Scenes, and Franchise Flashbacks.  As with all the other already mentioned inserts, these too were seeded 1:5 packs each.  We pulled seven each of the Hit the Dirt and the Franchise Flashbacks but we ended up with an extra Stadium Scenes card!

The Hit the Dirt cards remind me somewhat of Stadium Club inserts from the mid-90s.

The photography is certainly top notch on the two I scanned at least!

The Stadium Scenes are alright - I kind of like the three that I scanned quite a bit (and to be honest, I liked most of the Stadium Scenes cards that we pulled).

The Franchise Flashbacks cards celebrate throwback uniforms - and in Lincecum's case, they also celebrate a 70s style news anchor look?  I have no idea - but this might be the greatest card from the entire box!!

Finally, we get to the two "hits" of the box.  The Opening Day Stars are seeded 1:24 packs but we only pulled one - Masahiro Tanaka (congrats to jaybarkerfan for landing this one)!

And the box hit?  This Team Spirit (1:36 packs) of Adam Eaton of the White Sox.

Unfortunately for group break participants, no one claimed the White Sox this time around so the box hit is going into my collection!


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