Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nachos Grande Group Break: We End With Topps Museum (and our THIRD Patch of the Break)!!!

First, my apologies for missing my usual 8:00 AM posting yesterday.  I got caught up with some stuff around the house and didn't get a chance to do much with the blog.  Luckily, today's a new day and so here we go - the FINAL post for the third group break of the year!

Our fifth and final box of the break was the big one:  2015 Topps Museum Collection.  Each hobby box contains four mini boxes - and each mini box contains a hit.  Overall, a hobby box contains 1 on card autograph, 1 autograph relic, 1 quad relic, and 1 jumbo relic.

I filmed my opening of the box (which you can view here).  Otherwise, let's get right to the scans!

First, a quick look at the base cards.

The front of the cards are clean - and quite sharp looking if you ask me!  I especially liked the Ken Griffey Jr. card so you get a scan of that one!

The backs of the cards aren't quite as good - but they are still nice enough I guess.

 I like full career statistics but for the legends of the game I can understand the draw of having a write-up and a single line of statistics instead.

Now, to the real reason anyone would ever buy Topps Museum Collection - the inserts, parallels, and, of course, hits!

First up, we pulled one insert - a Canvas Collection Reproduction card of Stephen Strasburg (Nationals).

The Canvas cards are seeded 1 per hobby box - and at 50 cards in total size, good luck ever actually building the entire set!  Assuming you can buy a hobby box for about $190 - and if you have perfect collation, you'd need 50 boxes x $190 per box for a grand total of $9500 just for the set.  Ouch.

Next, our box yielded two parallels.  The first wasn't  surprise at all - the green parallels are seeded 1 per hobby box after all.  Our green parallel goes to the Pirates (Gregory Polanco) and it is numbered 046/199.

The second parallel was a blue parallel numbered 67/99 and it is of Dalton Pompey of the Blue Jays.

The blue parallels are seeded 1:7 mini boxes or a bit more than 1 in every other hobby box.  A nice pull no doubt - and the blue works really well with the Blue Jays uniform!

And now, let's turn our attention to the FINAL FOUR scans of the break - the four hits out of the Topps Museum Collection box.

First up, our jumbo relic.

The jumbo relics are arguably the least exciting of the four hits in the box - but I won't be complaining about that since our jumbo relic was a Cincinnati Reds' card of Todd Frazier.  I never seem to pull Reds' hits so I was happy with this pull.

I have to admit - as a group break host I sometimes feel guilty in the rare cases where I pull a Reds' hit - but for this particular break we KILLED it so I'm happy to get a small slice of the proverbial pie!  The Frazier card is also numbered out of only 50 (07/50 for those keeping track of such things).  Pretty cool.

Our on-card autograph goes to the Red Sox - a really nice Jim Rice numbered 164/399.

That's a really nice signature of a retired player - and a great score for JWillden27 (who isn't quite yet finished with this break)...

Before we get to the final hit, we have our quad relic.

That's a pretty nice CC Sabathia card (Yankees).  Jaybarkerfan picked up the Yankees and I'd say he was rewarded for his choice!  The Sabathia is numbered 26/75.  The only bummer about the card is the fact that all four bits of cloth appear to be cut from the same item (pants perhaps)?  I also didn't realize it when I opened the box up on video but this is a COPPER PARALLEL quad relic which makes it even better!  The single player quad relic copper parallels are seeded 1:15 mini boxes (or about 1:4 hobby boxes).  Not bad at all!

That's leaves us with our final hit - and yes, it goes to the Red Sox.

This is autograph relic - but not any old relic - a single player signature swatches triple relic autograph gold parallel numbered 25/25.  I thought this was one of the patch cards (1:428 mini boxes) but according to Cardboard Connection the gold parallels (1:86 mini boxes) are the ones numbered out of 25. This is clearly a patch card however - so perhaps Topps ran out of "regular" relics for the gold parallels for Napoli and thus were forced to include some patches?!

No matter, it is an AWESOME card - and it's even greater that we ended up pulling three different patch cards in three different products for three different teams.  For me, that made for an awesome group break - and I hope all of you feel the same way.

Over the next couple of days I will be packing up everyone's cards and hitting the post office.  I usually stagger my trips to the post office so that no one gets too angry with me for holding up the line!  I'm also already thinking ahead to the next group break - would there be interest in Topps Archives?

I could do a full case of Archives (for a fairly hefty price tag per team slot though) or else I could do a couple of boxes of Archives and maybe augment that with some other new product?  Let me know via the comments (or email if you prefer).

While you do that, I need to go pack up some cards for mailing!


P-town Tom said...

I could do another break. I think Finest and Stadium Club also come out next month along with Archives. Just a couple of suggestions.

JWillden27 said...

I like what P-town Tom said. I like the variety.

Matthew Scott said...

The Diamond Kings product seems to be a pretty big hit with most too.

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