Thursday, May 14, 2015

NEW Nachos Grande Group Break: Tossing Around Some Ideas

A few of you expressed interest in another group break here at Nachos Grande (and that's before I even get all of the previous group break packages in the mail)!  With that said, let's take a look at a few options - as always, I want to know what you think!

Note:  All prices include shipping to the continental US

Option 1:
1 case of 2015 Topps Archives
Cost:  2 team slot (1 of your choice, 1 random):  $75

Option 2:
2 hobby boxes of 2015 Topps Archives
2 hobby boxes of 2015 Topps Finest
Cost:  1 team slot (your choice):  $20-$40 (tiered pricing based on teams - similar to what I did with the last group break)

Option 3:
1 jumbo case of 2015 Topps Series 2
Cost:  1 team slot (your choice):  $35

Option 4:
1 2015 Stadium Club case
Cost:  2 team slot (1 of your choice, 1 random):  $75

Option 5:
Some combination of the above options.  All of the sets on the list come out some time in June (Stadium Club is late June so we could presumably do an earlier break and then pick up a Stadium Club break later in the summer if people are interested in both).

Let me know what you think!!


Frankie.M said...

Do you case of archives went it comes out, the case of Topps Series 2, and a case of 2015 Finest, that's just my though. I'm not usually a fan of getting into mixed group breaks, and Finest is going to be insane this year! Archives is also one of my favorites, and I'll definitely get into one or two of those breaks!

madding said...

2 or 3 sound great to me

Matthew Scott said...

The only bad thing about choosing Finest is that it usually has a pretty significant price drop not long after release.

Anonymous said...

i'd like a box from each to get some diversity. i realize it's limits the multiple hits you would get from a case, but i like the idea of getting different cards i may not buy too much of.

B Man said...

i am in any way you go

Keith G said...

Either a full case of archives or stadium club or do a half case of archives or stadium club

buckstorecards said...

Either one or two would appeal to me.

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