Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One (Wo)man's Trash is Another's Treasure

Today's blog post is sponsored by Julie from A Cracked Bat.  Julie has recently completed (I think) a move across the country - and as anyone who has ever moved knows, we humans have a way of accumulating a lot of stuff.  Well, Julie decided to purge a bit of her stuff via a recent trade package sent my way...and yes, her junk is my treasure!

So, in the spirit of junk and trash - let's go through some of Julie's items she sent and see why they might be considered junk to some.

Let's start with this Gus Bell.

I mean, who would want that?  It's so old looking.  And there's no foil.  We must have foil.  Also, it's not even serially numbered.  That's pure trash.

Don't like Gus, how about Frank then?

Well, it's got the foil, that's nice.  But where's the team logo.  Where's the serial numbering.  Also, where are the batting gloves?  Real men wear gloves.

I got your gloves right here.

Seriously, two minis do not make a full card.  No, two minis mean you got ripped off.  I want full size cards.  Or, even better, extra full sized cards like Bowman used to do.  You know, back when cards were real and had value.  Man, I used to check my Beckett and plan out my retirement.  I think my 1991 Upper Deck cards were going to allow me to retire by 1998 or so.

Speaking of Beckett.

Just in case you didn't believe me.  Beckett knows value.  Look, it's the "hobby's most reliable and relied-upon source."  That's trademarked greatness right there.  This couldn't possibly be junk.

You want serially-numbered greatness with team logos and some foil.  Here!

I can't even facetiously complain about these cards - Julie obviously has much better luck pulling Reds' cards than I do.  Then again, I bet a lot of people would consider that Votto base card junk...you don't buy Museum for the base cards, just the super sick mojo!

Many, many thanks for the great trade package Julie - and yes, it was most definitely NOT junk in my eyes (no matter what anyone else might think)!  As always, should anyone else wish to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!

PS:  My 2015 Topps Archives Group Break still isn't full.  TONS of good teams remain - go here to check it out!


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Julie Owens said...

Gus and Frank were from my personal collection. I thought you would enjoy them, esp ol' Gussy. It's a handsome piece of cardboard. The Griffey was a nice cover. I'll be getting rid of -passing along- some of my old Becketts. I think I'll post one on the blog occasionally as a give away. If I can't give them away, I'll mail them randomly, forcing the recipient to deal with the trash. ;) just like I did you NG.

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