Sunday, May 24, 2015

Topps Archives Group Break: Help Me Fill It! (5 Slots Remain): Braves, Orioles, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies, Pirates, Rangers, Blue Jays, & Nationals Available Still!!

I am hosting a new group break - a full case of 2015 Topps Archives!  This time around, it's buy one team, get one random team free - and I only have FIVE slots remaining (as of the time I wrote this post).  I desperately need to sell the remaining slots so that I can make the group break run - so go here to check it out and to sign up!  Many thanks in advance!

PS:  Don't forget there are possible Will Ferrell autographs announced for this product.  A bunch of teams that Will signed for are still available to be claimed!  I wrote all about the Ferrell autographs in an earlier blog post in case you missed that bit of information.  It should be a fun break!


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