Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When Organizing Fails...(or You Can't Fix Stupid)!

I haven't been doing a lot with Listia lately because:
1.  It seems like there has been incredible credit "inflation" on the site.
2.  The recent group break ate up all my free time.

Despite the two reasons above, for some reason I found a moment of time about a week ago where I did click over to Listia - and I did my usual search for Barry Larkin...and wouldn't you know it, there were a pair of new (to me) Larkin cards listed by the same seller.

A few bids later...and then a couple of days for the mail...and my Larkin Collection has grown once again!

I ended up landing a new Bowman Heritage Larkin from 2001:

Plus a 2000 Upper Deck Larkin.  Actually, the seller sent me a pair of the 2000 Upper Deck Larkin cards...probably because neither was in great condition.

I'll keep one of them and put the other in my "for trade" box I guess.

EDIT:  When I went to file the Larkin cards in my binder I realized that I actually own the 2000 Upper Deck Larkin.  It's from the Upper Deck Legends set...and that one I own.  My list was correct - I just didn't look at it carefully enough.  For some reason, this card simply looked new to me...  Stupid error on my part!

Oh well, I still ended up with one new Larkin...and it was all "free" thanks to Listia credits!  Unfortunately, I can't fix stupid so I wasted a bunch of credits on the other Larkin cards...  Whoops!

PS:  Want to join my latest group break?  A full case of Topps Archives (sign up here)!


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