Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Group Break: Box #1 (a 1:70 short print starts us off on the right foot!)

Yesterday was the big day in terms of the 2015 Topps Archives group break.  I spent the better part of the month begging and pleading for the last few slots to get claimed (they didn't all get claimed) but those that did get in on the break were mostly rewarded big time.  In fact, I'd say we knocked the slobber right out of the case - easily one of the best pound-for-pound cases of Archives that you could hope for*!

*with the caveat that if you are expecting a Will Ferrell autograph you are crazy.

Anyhow, even a massive thunderstorm couldn't stop me for good yesterday - I knocked out the entire case in a single video...and now, it's time to start scanning the goodies from each box so that I can begin organizing, sorting, packing, and soon - shipping!

Box 1:

We had pretty good luck right off the bat in terms of cards pulled from the case.  The biggest "hit" of the box is one of the much lamented short prints.

The short prints are seeded 1:70 packs which means good luck acquiring all 30 of 'em for you full base set!  Sheesh, that's terrible Topps.

Moving on though the box, let's take a look at some of the more common inserts beginning with the Topps Game inserts.

These are actually pretty cool (though I wish the player's name was on the card somewhere).  The entire set is only 33 cards and at 4 per box we should end up with the full set from the case.  I'm collating the cards as I write each box post though so at the moment I have no idea whether or not we'll actually get all 33 unique cards out of our case.

The next most common insert in a hobby box is the #1 Draft Pick cards in the 1990 Topps design.

These are seeded 1:8 packs and the set itself is only 15 cards in size which means, again, we should end up with a full set before the case is complete!

Continuing with the 1990 theme, there are two of the All-Star Rookie cards per hobby box.

These are a tougher pull (1:10 packs) but the set size is only 10 cards which means we should end up with two full sets if we get perfect collation.

For the most part, I like all the inserts in this year's edition of Topps Archives except for one:

The Presidential Chronicles feel out of place here - most definitely they feel like pack filler which is disappointing for a $100 per box product!  These will get randomized at the end of the break since they don't belong to any one team in particular.

Now, to the other cool stuff in the case beginning with a Topps Original buyback of Tom Hall of the Reds.

I'm not the biggest fan of the buyback cards though - so I would be up for trading this should someone desire it!

Next, our one Will Ferrell card from the box (Ferrell is basically a box hit in each hobby box)!

You don't often get a helicopter on a baseball card so that makes this card cool on its own.  I actually like the Ferrell cards a lot and plan to chase them all down (so if you have any for trade hit me up)!

Here's one that probably won't be for trade:  A Yasiel Puig silver parallel numbered 037/199.

The Puig was our lone serially numbered card in the first box - but if you are only going to get one it's hard to go wrong with LA's favorite wunderkind.

All of that leads us to the final two cards of Box #1 - the two autographs!  The great thing about Archives is that ALL the signatures are on card...something that I think most collectors definitely prefer.  For the first box, we hit a pair of fan favorites from 90s expansion teams.

For the Marlins, we scored a nice looking Jeff Conine autograph.

And for the Rockies, an even nicer Vinny Castilla autograph!

Not bad for the first box - but trust me, the case is only getting warmed up!  If you haven't seen the video yet, stay tuned for more goodies...we hit a couple of HUGE autographs in a few boxes from now!


P-town Tom said...

It was kind of hard to see much detail in the cards in your video (I chalk that up to my internet speed). I'm getting a good look at those autographs for the first time and they well done. I really like the Castilla. Great photo choice and I like how they faded out the lower portion of the card for the signature.

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