Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Group Break: Box #9 (A 1:619 pack Autograph!)

If you haven't been paying attention, we absolutely killed it with our case of 2015 Topps Archives.  It is almost to the point where I feel a bit guilty because you just know someone out there bought a case of Archives that was total garbage!

After pulling both a Joc Pederson auto and a Kris Bryant auto, you'd think we'd be done with the cool autographs...but you'd be wrong!  Read on.

Before we get to the autographs, let's look at some of the other highlights from Box #9 of our group break case.  We begin with the buyback card - a 1972 "tombstone" card of Paul Popovich for the Cubs.

That's yet another score for P-Town Tom...really just a cherry on his baseball card sundae that this group break provided him!  Actually, this might represent the nuts on the sundae, the cherry comes later in this box for Tom...

Before we get to that, here's our Will Ferrell of the box.

The Giants were claimed by P-Town Tom...and no, this doesn't count as his sundae's cherry.  It does, however, make me hungry with all this food talk.

Next, our lone parallel of the box - a nice silver parallel of the Reds' Joey Votto.

The card is numbered 173/199...and it makes for a great addition to my personal collection...even if I'm pretty sure I've seen that particular photograph before.

That leads us to the autograph portion of the box.  First up, Tom's cherry.

Yeah, a nice Mark Prior auto in the 1989 Topps design.  It's a really crisp looking signature as well - probably one of the nicer looking signatures that we've seen in the case!

A hearty congrats to P-Town Tom for the absolute killing he made in this group break.  However, the best card of the box doesn't go to Tom...nope, instead it goes to BMan who claimed the Cardinals!

That's a 1990 #1 Draft Picks autograph of Kolten Wong (numbered 096/199) on the back.  The autograph is quite rare - seeded 1:619 packs (or about 1 per 2.6 hobby cases)!!

That's yet another awesome pull from our case...and we still haven't uncovered our one-of-one which comes in our final box of the break (stay tuned for that).

I hope everyone (whether you are in the break or not) has enjoyed this romp through our 2015 Topps Archives case.  It was a lot of fun to bust - and I'm pleased to report that as of the time I am writing this post that I have the majority of the case fully sorted.  All I need to do is finish sorting and then get to packing and mailing!


P-town Tom said...

Yes, I still can't be my luck. Thanks again for hosting the break, Chris!

P-town Tom said...

Yes, I still can't be my luck. Thanks again for hosting the break, Chris!

B Man said...

Woooowwww-Nice Kolten pull! Thank you!

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