Wednesday, June 03, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Group Break: The Checklist is Revealed! (Four Slots Remain!)

Earlier today I saw that Cardboard Connection had a checklist posted for the 2015 Topps Archives set.  I know that some of you were waiting for the checklist before claiming a team - but at this point I desperately want to sell the remaining slots.  There are a bunch of great teams remaining - so go here to claim one, won't you?

The remaining teams (along with some of the possible autographs for the team):
Arizona Diamondbacks - Will Ferrell, Yasmany Tomas
Atlanta Braves  - Andruw Jones, Ryan Klesko
Baltimore Orioles - Brady Anderson, Mike Bordick,
Boston Red Sox  - Rusney Castillo
Cleveland Indians - Gaylord Perry
Colorado Rockies - Vinny Castillo
Florida Marlins - Jose Fernandez, Dontrelle Willis, Giancarlo Stanton, Jeff Conine,
Houston Astros - Jose Cruz,
Kansas City Royals - Brandon Finnegan,
Los Angeles Angels - Will Ferrell, Mike Trout
Minnesota Twins - Frank Viola,
Oakland Athletics - Will Ferrell, Sonny Gray, Scott Hatteburg
Philadelphia Phillies - Maikel Franco,
Pittsburgh Pirates - Jason Kendall, Sid Bream
San Francisco Giants - Will Ferrell, J.T. Snow
Tampa Bay Rays -
Texas Rangers - Nolan Ryan
Toronto Blue Jays - Devon White, Daniel Norris, Dalton Pompey, Jose Cruz Jr., Tony Fernandez
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Micheal Taylor, Jose Vidro, Marquis Grissom

One thing to note:

This set does contain some 1 of 1 cards of presidential cut signatures.  IF we get so lucky as to pull one, the card would be randomized between ALL slots without a hit first.  In that way, claiming a team like the Rays (who have no autographs that I saw on the checklist) could actually be the ultimate gamble!  ...and if you do happen to choose the Rays and you don't end up with a hit from your second team, you'll get a consolation hit from my personal collection (details here).

Help me fill this break up!  Any advertising that you might be willing to do is much appreciated!


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