Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 373: 1996 Metal Universe - #149

Barry Larkin
Year:  1996
Brand:  Metal Universe
Card number:  149

The Metal Universe brand is definitely a "love or hate" brand.  In fact, I don't know if I've ever met someone who simply said "meh, the cards are okay."  No, you either love or hate the brand and that's that.

For me, I fall firmly in the "love it" category despite the fact that I've never been a big comic book fan (the Metal line always seemed like a comic book / baseball card mash-up to me).  This particular Larkin card is pretty cool in that the front image shows Larkin launching baseballs on some foreign planet with multiple moons.  The back shows a secondary image of larkin plus a year's worth of statistics.  It's a little thing, but I think the "cherry on top" of this card's sundae is the little box on the back of the cards with the opened door and gears showing.  It fits the metal motif well - and it's totally different from pretty much anything else on the card market (both then and now)!

Yes, this card is a winner in my book - actually, the entire set is a winner in my book!  What do you think, are you a lover of the Metal line or is it a brand best left dead?


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